Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom

May 2018

While natives are not supposed to speak ill of their home town, I find myself in a geographical limbo. I’m a Bonnacian and a practicing Roatan attorney that finds some perturbing elements about living and working here in the legal profession. I’ve been living on

The inhabitants of Roatan and the other Bay Islands were much relieved in 1683, when notorious Dutch pirate, Nicholas Van Hoorn, attacked Trujillo in his massive “triple-decker warship.” His St Nicholas Day carried a small army of 300 men.

Names are constantly changing and our perception of reality changes with them. One way of tuning in to the changes around us it to look at old maps… really old maps. Maps can give us an understanding of time, history and politics.

A part from a few pottery shards and bone fish hooks, there is not much evidence left that Paya Indians lived on Roatan and the other Bay Islands. Yet they lived and flourished here and on the eastern mainland of Honduras for over 3,000 years

Roatan needs and deserves a magazine like never before. Over the years, numerous publications have reported on news around the island but none of them remain.

Honduras’ national football team has made great strides since its first international match in 1921 when it lost 10-1 to Guatemala. The “Catrachos” qualified three times for the FIFA World Cup: in 1982, 2010 and 2014.

A dozen Roatan firefighters rappelled from unfinished condominiums at Parrot Tree Plantation. The three story building right next to the sea was a perfect place to hone rescue skills under the watchful eyes of their Canadian firefighting brethren. February 15 was the third day of

A four-wheeled library is coming to a school near you. All thanks to an effort by PIER – Partners in Education Roatan, a small organization started by a Camilla and Ted O’Brien, a pair of retired Americans.

Five Angels The fifth annual Concert for the Angels at Lawson Rock was the place to listen to great music, run into friends and donate to local charities: Clinica Esperanza & SOL International Foundation. Feeling like angels: Cara Lenz, Fiona Barnett, Helen Murphy, Wyonna Mckay and