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Off Island Perspective – October & November 2019

Building Seven

Eighteen years after the Fact University of Alaska at Fairbanks study has finally analyzed why during 9/11 World Trade Center [WTC] event two planes caused a collapse of three buildings. The 1987 built 48 story tall WTC Building 7 housed New York’s CIA, FBI and Secret Service stations and Mayor Rudy Giuliani emergency command retreat center. Building 7 collapsed into its footprint in7 seconds at 5:20pm on 9/11/01. Contrary to the US government conclusions, the four-year University of Alaska study concluded that “fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11.” The study titled the “Structural Collapse of World Trade Center 7” was led by Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey.

Vaping as Gateway

It took a few years, but vaping – inhaling of hot water vapor infused with nicotine and many other substances has finally taken its toll. Center for Disease Control has confirmed 530 cases of vaping lung ailment and seven deaths related to e-cigarettes.
Patients show up in emergency rooms suffering from dangerous respiratory damage as if exposed industrial chemicals. Vaping has now been proven to have become the gateway to cigarette smoking, especially for millennial and generation Z. Since they were released for sale in 2003, 13% (by 2014) of high school students reported using them.

Electric Porsche

There were estimated 5.1 million electric cars driving around the world in 2018 and now Porsche is challenging Tesla’s status as the dominant, performance car maker. Porsche Taycan is considered a mainstream luxury car similar to that of Tesal model S. Taycan can do 62 mph in 3.5 seconds and its range is 310 miles. Porsche is planning to add supercharging stations that would top up the car’s battery by 250 miles in 20 minutes. Taycan is expected to be on sale by the end of 2019 and 40,000 units are planned for production a year.BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford and Chevrolet already have electric cars on the market.

Mugabe Finally Out

Robert Mugabe dies, finally. The 95-year-old Marxist Leninist revolutionary tuned president then dictator died at his house surrounded by 23 staff members. The Jesuit educated University of London graduate Mugabe reigned terror, oversaw murder, rape and hyperinflation that led millions of this once breadbasket African country to poverty. Uganda-born Archbishop of York called Mugabe “the worst kind of racist dictator targeting whites.” While 300,000 Whites called Zimbabwe home in 1975 today only 25,000 remain. Mugabe held power in Zimbabwe since its independence in 1980. Only a 2017 presidential coup d’état by his ex vice-president deposed him.

Billions to Trash

Senator Rand Paul is finding out that the US government is spending billions of crap not only stateside, but also abroad. The 2019 waste report points out some fascinating projects. $100,000 of US tax dollar debt went to subsidize Pakistani film industry. US National Science Foundation spent $500,000 to study differences between frog mating calls in the City of Panama and in the jungle. Another $10 million went to subsidize Peru’s “Green New Deal.” In 2018 $800,000 was spent studying sex lives of quails high on cocaine. Senator Paul says he has added up $114 billion of such waste in a country that is indebted 106% of its GPD to the tune of $22 trillion.

Silencing Assange

After spending seven years in Ecuadorian Embassy in London, in April Julian Assange was expelled to British authorities and now serves a 11-month prison sentence for skipping bail. Assange is “being subjected to every sort of torment” at maximum security Belmarsh prison, AKA Britain’s Guantanamo Bay. He is awaiting extradition to US where he is facing 18 counts amount to 175 years for being an investigative journalist: reporting US government unconstitutional data harvesting, assassinations and illegal arms deals. US government is setting Assange as a scapegoat to scare of any other journalists from reporting on the state’s agencies violating the US constitution.Ron Paul said about Assange that “in a free society we’re supposed to know the truth… In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble.”

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