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Roatan Shows Semblance of ‘Normality’

Construction of a commercial building in Los Fuertes during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ignoring Unreasonable and Draconian Overreach on Part of Government Some Roatanians Attempt go about Their Lives

The healthy Roatanians who were forced to isolate for 40 days are now implementing “don’t ask don’t tell” policy as they reopen their business and attempt to go about their lives in a shuttered economy.  While the Roatan economy largest portion is tourism and services, the island also has a healthy construction, energy, grocery, private security sectors and an illegal cocaine smuggling income that employ several thousand people. Most of businesses in these sectors weren’t affected by the nationally forced shut down.

In fact some businesses have never stopped operating. Roatan Municipal has never stopped construction on the new municipal building in Dixon Cove and continued road preparation for paving between Los Fuertes and Dixon Cove.

While the Honduran central government decided to keep the churches locked in time of crisis the hardware stores were allowed to reopen. On Roatan hardware stores such as Madeyso and ACE were open for business a week before the official opening. “Without tourists there is no money,” says Miguel Cerrato, a Madeyso employee referring to about 50% reduction in sales estimated at his store.

Several Christian pastors tended to the spiritual needs of their flock in difficult times and managed to work with authorities on local level. “We had thirty people during Easter service,” says Kenly Ordóñez about his Evangelical Church in Lucy Point. “Other churches had National Police escort as they conducted religious walks during Easter.”

On the other hand most Churches that kept their doors closed during Easter and Sunday services and didn’t voice discontent about being classified as “non-essential businesses.” Their lack of inventiveness and compassion has proven themselves irrelevant to spiritual needs of many of their faithful.

The backbone of Roatan’s economy: All hotels, restaurants and tourists attractions, the backbone of Roatan’s tourist industry, have been closed since mid-March. The once mighty Roatan fishing fleet will likely also be affected by the global falling demand and prices. “The lobster people will face a lot of problems when this is over. In 2009 the price of lobster fell by a least 40 percent,” said Alfonso Ebanks, a long time Bay Islands lobster boat owner.

After five weeks of being scared into staying home and wearing masks and gloves, islanders begun walking on the streets, taking exercise walks. Since mid-April the supermarkets staff have all-but-abandoned enforcing the idea of people coming with certain ID numbers on certain shopping days.

The Honduran self-reliance of a population accustomed to political and natural crisis and widespread indiscipline has caused difficulty in the process of setting up an oppressive system.  

The officials designated to enforce movement restrictions and wearing masks has kept a low profile. On a typical weekday National Police does a couple hours street control and then it is mostly restricted to car patrols.  

While taxi drivers protested the lock down with shutting the island down on April 20 they were bought with promises. A few days later the taxi drivers taped-up up their Taxi numbers on side of their back doors and begun transporting passengers from place to place.

The “for your own safety” economic shut down has caused a gradual impoverishment of the general Honduran population and taught them that they are helpless to do most basic things unless the government allows them to do it. With exceptions of counties like Sweden, Holland, Brazil the COVID-19 shut down has been a global operation. In Honduras, “Red Alert” has been a country top down effort to impose surveillance and control system that is part of the global agenda of creating an oppressive surveillance state. The Honduran self-reliance of a population accustomed to political and natural crisis and widespread indiscipline has caused difficulty in the process of setting up an oppressive system of maximum surveillance and control.  

During global psychological warfare operations the initial period of time is key in installing a narrative the general public can internalize This was recently the case with the 2011 Arab Spring “spontaneous protest and revolutions.” As people were informed by media “what” is happening and who is their “enemy” they become vested in and biased for confirmation of that view. As with YouTube removing news conference of California Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi questioning the policy of lockdowns and isolation more and more people realize that the fear-porn bent media is skewing the data and censoring alternate voices. It’s much easier to lie to someone then explain to them that they have been lied to.