Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom
It doesn’t take a genius to understand that with every action there comes a reaction. It does take however an effort of doing a profit-loss analysis to determine if a policy, especially a drastic policy like excluding children from school and social activities for two years will have negative effects outnumbering any positive ones.

From March 2020 to February 2022 all Honduran children have been forced to stay home and do school via zoom. The teachers would hand out assignments once a week the parents would retrieve the printed out assignments and pay 30-50 Lps. They children had no incentive to do schoolwork, or to even participate in zoom or Whatsapp meetings. The law said that all children had to be passed from one grade to the next.

COVID ‘crisis’ gave us all opportunities as well as hardships. Honduran government like many others chose to waste the opportunities that come in moments of trial and advertency. Instead of developing resilience, trust and cohesion in its citizens the policies of Honduran government created learned helplessness, mistrust and division.

The locking of children at home, away from schools has increased anxiety, loneliness and stress. There were many dramas playing themselves out behind the doors of island home. Parents of many Roatan schoolchildren could not afford to buy smart phones, tablets or even internet packages for their children. Some Roatan children could not do their professional practice and therefore couldn’t receive their high school diploma.

Other students have been passed from class to class without requiring them to show adequate knowledge. A couple years later the teachers have to deal with children who never mastered reading, math skills required in prior years.

According to UK’s National Institute of Health the lockdowns and not allowing children to attend schools had a tangible effect of reducing IQ rates in schoolchildren. An average IQ in Honduras is 81 and should try to hold to every point all cost.

The ripple effect of less smart Honduran society will have an effect on everything: quality of life, life span, GDP, health, you name it. The children that were conditioned for two years to stay indoors and look at scream often hove little desire to play outdoors or interact with children now that they can. This was not such a hard thing to predict.

Locking of children at home, away from schools has increased anxiety, loneliness and stress.

In February 2022 classes at Honduran school buildings begun anew. Sadly, Honduran teacher unions insisted that if they were to return to work in school only if their pupils were to wear masks. The authorities promised that if they perform an inspection and find children not wearing masks they would close the school. The Hondurans are sacrificing their youngest for the sake of a fleeing sense of security, a false sense of safety. As history teaches us: those who sacrifice freedom for the sake of safety will end up with neither.

The senseless torture of Honduran children is not over. The Honduran Education ministry requires any child that wanted to be in Honduran school system to be injected with experimental COVID19 gene therapy. Since the introduction of child “vaccinations” in January 2022 many Honduran schoolchildren received as many as three injections.

The mid and long term effects of these gene therapies won’t be known for decades. What is known that children are not an at risk group of COVID and injections increase their risk for Myocarditis and Pericarditis. Some countries, such as Denmark and Sweden for example, have stopped COVID injections persons under 18 because of exactly that. Long term effect of gene therapies on children, especially that affecting their fertility, Alzheimer is completely unknown.

The two-year absence from classrooms has caused another unintended effect. Through widespread use of cell phones, and tablets required by the teachers in lockdowns many children became addicted to smart phones, addicted to social media, to video games and even pornography.

The madness of forcing children to wear masks in schools also continues. Some Roatan students who are cough not wearing masks I class are made to stand in the corner as punishment. The entire exercise was that of indoctrination and teaching children how to obey the rules.

The media, parents have repeated the mantra of fearing the unmasked, of fearing physical contact of fear of ever-present invisible viruses that can kill you or your loved one. Many young minds were warped by this fear mongering. These phobias will haunt the society for many decades to come. The fear of invisible viruses, the fear of being contaminated by another person.

In a cruel and short sited decision no exceptions were made to children with special needs. Schoolchildren have allergies and respiratory problems still have to wear masks. Other has developed gun disease aggravated by bacteria trapped in children mouth for hours.

The fear instilled in Honduran and Roatan children will have a far lasting, sometime lifelong lasting effect. Creating phobias that will take therapy sessions, or maybe never disappear.

Many of the school buildings fell into disrepair, and during the 2020 and 2021 hiatus.

On Roatan in Modelo and Juan Brooks school they robbed fans, electrical wire and computers.

The entire exercise was that of indoctrination and teaching children how to obey the rules.

Municipal taxes now go towards repairing the school buildings.

Obesity epidemic has spiked in a country that already has is already has a high incidence of diabetics. The unintended consequences have multiplied. Unintended by some, intended by others.

Honduran educators have sacrificed the potential and future of young generation for the sake of complying with nonsensical and dangerous rules. This succeeded in creating unquestioning, complacent future generations of semi intelligent workers.

There are winners in this situation as well. The pharmaceutical industry gained many new consumers of Prozac, Ritalin and Insulin. The Honduran state got themselves more obedient, more compliant generation of yes-citizens who will not question their authority or competence.