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Sudden Death of Scientific Method

Iunderstand that both WHO and the UN are hoping that COVID-19 will no longer be a Public Health emergency in 2023. This would end the restrictions and managing the virus as another respiratory illness among many others. For one, I would be happy to be done with mask and vaccine mandates.

As I write, lawsuits are being filed all over the United States for violation of rights with the mandatory vaccine policies. Meanwhile in our “banana country” here is the run-down of our pandemic and government continued response.

Let’s look back how this all began. In March 2020, all of Honduras began a national lock down. Soon there were no spaces left in rooms at hospitals and not enough respirators. There were no ICU rooms spaces either.

Honduras unveiled the introduction of the MAIZ (Microdacyn, Azithromycin, Ivermectin and Zinc) protocol as prophylactic treatment for COVID with no clue of its effectiveness.

By the end of 2020 we had vaccines donated to the government which promptly declared they were mandatory for all the population without further research, or care.

Then the Honduran government under the state of emergency purchased seven modular or mobile hospitals for almost $48 million. These hospitals have yet to arrive and only two government officials have been prosecuted for this multimillion-dollar fraud. There is nothing better than a world health crisis to bring out the lowlifes who are looking to profit from the chaos and death.

The COVID vaccinations were made mandatory for all Hondurans, regardless of their medical conditions, or religious beliefs. I still ask myself were we made to act like the sheep led to slaughter. Or were our instincts to trust the government, to follow the science wherever it would lead.

The mask mandate that has proven to not be effective and the US has eliminated, is still in effect in Honduras. We are still required to wear a mask to enter the immigration offices when flying back to Honduras, but that is not required on the aircraft you just arrived in. There are many arbitrary, illogical COVID-19 rules. There is no sign when will the madness will stop.

We have lost our minds in one of the most corrupt and uneducated countries.

In no way, shape, or form I am minimizing the deadliness of this COVID disease. I’ve lost loved ones and dear friends to this virus/pandemic. What I am suggesting is that we have lost our minds in one of the most corrupt and uneducated countries in the world. A government of a county such as ours cannot decide what is best for each and every citizen.

Who decides what mandates to keep, and which aren’t valid. We live in a country where government cannot maintain stock of medication in our public hospitals or pay the hardworking medical staff. Yet we are told the authorities somehow know what the best for your personal health is.

With ever increasing knowledge of the side effects and long-term consequences of the vaccine against COVID-19, some US states officials are finally asking tough questions of Pfizer and Moderna. Until even now the rushing of the vaccine rollout was never questioned.

Many countries were sold the COVID vaccines with the caveat that they could not ever under any circumstances sue the manufacturer. Billions of dollars went into Big Pharma that has now zero liability for any future lawsuits for side effects.

We still don’t know what exactly is in this shot we have all been coerced to receive in this country or be forced out from our workplaces. No Honduran government employee could refuse this COVID vaccine. Even now your child cannot attend school without it. The unvaxed cannot fly on local flights and, at least in theory, are not able to receive hospital attention. This madness has no end in sight.