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Off Island Perspective – Spring 2023

Sisters in Kailasa

On March 7, US city of Newark, New Jersey’s largest city signs a sister city relationship with United States of Kailasa. While the city of Newark does exist, Kailasa is a fictional state run by a Swami Nityananda, a Hinduguru, scammer wanted in his native India on charges of rape and sexual assault. While Swami Nityananda is cleverly hiding somewhere in Ecuador, the affair had revealed that the City of Newark and likely many other US government entities are run by simpletons. The government officials not only lack the very basic knowledge of geography, politics, but surround themselves by advisors unwilling to question or Google basic policy decisions.


The first country to legalize abortion was Lenin’s Soviet Union in 1920 and bit by bit president Xiomara Castro has been pushing Honduras towards the globalist agenda. The Abortion Pill is now legal in Honduras after Xiomara Castro had overturned a 13-year ban on women’s day 2023. In December 2022 the abortion pill was made available for victims of rape. Honduras remains one of the last countries prohibiting abortions. Only seven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean completely ban abortion without any explicit exceptions.

Depleted Uranium

UK announced plans to supply depleted uranium tank rounds to Ukrainian army. Now depleted Uranium munitions are finding their way to Ukraine, home of Europe’s most productive agriculturally black soil. These are the same depleted Uranium rounds that have caused birth defects and an environmental disaster in deserts of Iraq in 1991, 2003, and hills of Kosovo in 1999.“Gulf war syndrome” and “Balkan Syndrome” had caused injury and infertility to hundreds of thousands of US troops and millions of Iraqi and Kosovo nationals. “Donbas Syndrome” will likely add to the deadly plagues in yet another 20-year-no-winner-money-making bankster war.

Honduras Bought by China

On March 25 Honduras has severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and signed to the one China policy. “Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory and as of today, the government of Honduras has informed Taiwan about the rupture of diplomatic relations,” the statement was read by Honduran foreign ministry. Just two weeks prior to the switch Honduran president Xiomara Castro has tried to squeeze out of Taiwan $2.4 billion to build a hospital and a dam and write off Honduras’ other debts. This “dollar diplomacy” was too expensive for Taiwan. For the switch China has awarded Honduras with $300 million for a hydroelectric dam project by Chinese SINOHYDRO. The 104 MW Patuca III plant is planned for La Mosquitia. While neighboring Guatemala and Belize still recognize Taiwan, the number of states doing so has dwindled to 14.

Collapse in Birthrates

The world was scared into not having children because of COVID, now a German study shows a “strong association” between the COVID genetic therapy injections and drop in fertility. Federal Institute for Population Research says that “there is a strong association between the onset of vaccination programs and the fertility decline nine months after this onset.” It is not possible to determine at this point if the drop is due to rise of spontaneous abortions or because fewer children are conceived, but the numbers are staggering. In Germany that drop is 14%, in Sweden 10%, and in Australia a staggering 21%.

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