Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom

October 2023

The September Roatan Fishing Tournament took place for the twenty third time. In the bill fish category Triple X boat dominated with 2,200 points. The second place Black Indian and third place Wahoo Slayer came in with 1,000 points. The Rodeo Category was won by

In the middle of July, a group of animal lovers on Roatan discovered a grim situation: 350 dogs, 200 cats, and seven horses were crammed into 17 dog pens, with 10 to 20 dogs per pen, inside a wooden two-story home on the Politilly property.

My grandfather, Captain Lymon M. Scott, was born into a Scottish family with a deep-rooted tradition of building schooners. Hailing from Cayman Brac in the Cayman Islands, his childhood days were spent crafting these seafaring vessels alongside his father, uncles, and brothers. When he took

The manatees and crocodiles that were once prevalent in the waters around the Bay Islands are now mainly found in the protected area of Cuero y Salado. The park is 20 miles from Utila and 40 miles from Roatan. In 2010, Utila welcomed back some

Imagine being an eleven-year-old boy in 1960, strolling through French Harbour on a blustery weekday afternoon. The noise of “ching chings” in the coconut trees is drowned out by the thunderous sea swells crashing against the reef line.

Ronis Villeda, 34, and his wife, Evelyn Ramos, have become the go-to fire performers lighting up the sands of Roatan. Their typical show runs between 23 and 25 minutes and features six to seven unique acts, each showcasing a different type of fire dance. The

Mrs. Catherine caught her first fish in 1961 — a 12-pound Black Snapper she hooked in the Barabareta channel. Now, at 97 years old, she remains the oldest fisherman of the Bay Islands and continues to fish with her grandson, Aaron.

Two hundred years ago, Roatan was a part of Mexico, and the island’s head of state was Augustin I. The several hundred Garifuna living on the east side of the island enjoyed the freedom to travel as far as California or Tejas if they wished.

We live in an era where signaling one’s virtues are highly encouraged, though that doesn’t mean we live in a virtuous age. On the contrary, our understanding of what is virtuous has been transvaluated, flipped. Adding to the confusion, media companies have made it