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Off island perspective Fall 2023

Roatan Fishing Tournament

The September Roatan Fishing Tournament took place for the twenty third time. In the bill fish category Triple X boat dominated with 2,200 points. The second place Black Indian and third place Wahoo Slayer came in with 1,000 points. The Rodeo Category was won by the Roa Tide with 173 points, Persistence took second place and Adrenaline came in third. The fishing tournament organizers hope to increase more international boats to the 2024 event. Triple X came home with prizes totaling $42,400. “This prize can catapult us into another level,” said Devin McNab. “So we can attract international fishing boats.”

Armenian Genocide 2.0

On September 30, after living in Nagorno Karabkh for over 2,000 years, Armenian population had almost entirely left the autonomous region in Azerbaijan. Most of them left with nothing more, but clothes on their backs. They abandoned houses, animals, furniture. This exodus of over 110,000 people was caused by fear of repeat of genocide of 1915 that killed 1.5 Armenians. The sad history could likely repeats itself and only same actors changed. While the Young Turks- Dönme, Turks and Kurds caused the Armenian genocide 108 years ago now it is Azeris, with aid of Turkey and Israel that threaten Armenians with extermination. Meantime controlled media stays silent Israel has provided drone and missile technology that were key in the Azeris defeating Armenians militantly in the recent conflict.

Countdown to Digital Prison

The attack on family and on personal freedom and promotion of earth worship has been undertaken at the G20 summit in India called “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” The 20 world leaders agreed to pushed the agenda of taxation, digitization of proof of vaccination and identification documents. Honduras has embraced the digital idea and from July the country’s transport body has begun issuing digital drivers licenses.

Silencing RFK Jr.

Robert F Kennedy is scaring living daylights out of the US’s democratic party machine. The Biden administration has refused the candidate a security detail, refused him opportunity to debate and legacy media has dynamic silenced him. Still, his truth bomb shrapnel has gained him as many as 25% of democratic primary votes according to some polls. Here are a few bombs from RFK Jr.: “CIA killed my uncle [president JFK],” “US created ISIS,” “Aluminum accumulated in environment can only come from chemtrails,” and Big Pharma’s children vaccines creating 30,000% spike in autism in the last 50 years. If someone keeps listening to RFK they might the impression that all of the US institutions don’t have US citizen’s best interest at heart. Now RFK Jr. plans to run as an independent and that could split the democratic vote so much that even the election fraud on the scale of 2020 will not be able to keep Trump from winning.

15th of September

Despite rainy weather Roatanians turned out in high numbers to celebrate 202 years of Honduras’ and Central America’s independence from Spain. Dozens of marching bands from schools all around the island took place in parades took place in Coxen Hole and in Oak Ridge.

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