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Honduras as an Accessory in Crime

About three million visa-less migrants of all sorts make their way into the USA every year. By virtue of its location, Honduras has become an accessory to perhaps the biggest illegal activity of human trafficking in history. About a third of the way between the Darien Gap and the US border, Honduras is a participant and a facilitator on a route that can best be described as an invasion.

Honduras has become a minor participant in the world drama of an orchestrated invasion and migration that originates in South America and terminates at the border of the US.

“This unprecedented surge in illegal immigration isn’t an accident. It is the result of deliberate policy choices by the Biden administration,” said Tucker Carlson. Carlson is wrong. That deliberate policy only escalated during Biden administration. The interests that decide and control the US’s political spectrum have been implementing the replacement of US patronage with Chinese presence and, in some cases, dominance.

For over a century, the US would stress how vital Central America was to its security and that it holds a responsibility of defending the region. Just as the USA kicked out Britain from the Bay Islands in 1859, it is now inviting China to take a dominant role in the region, just like the communist country has in Africa over the last couple decades.

Panama, Nicaragua, and El Salvador have signed a memorandum of understanding about China’s Belt and Road initiative. Honduras, with Central America’s only deep water port facility, will also sign the document soon. In 2013, Nicaragua granted a 50 year concession to finance and manage the 173 mile transoceanic canal to a Chinese company with CPC ties. Once the canal is operational, the concession could be extended for another 50 years.

Honduras is not without significance to the US. About 70% of all cocaine destined for the US makes its way across Honduras’ waterways, or over ground. The country is important enough that the US stations 1,500 of its troops at Soto Cano military base. There are also dozens of agents from the CIA and other US agencies a operating throughout Honduras.

Conventional warfare is not the only way of creating mass migrations that reshape societies, change their value systems, and damage their economy. There is the economic degradation in Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua, but it is now increasingly China that is creating the most migrants.

Just as the USA kicked out Britain from the Bay Islands in 1859, it is now inviting China.

There are many reasons why the Chinese are leaving China and some going to the US illegally. One such reason is that China is getting rid of those that are not willing to partake in its open prison society controlled by camera, phone, social credit score surveillance and a control system named “skynet.”

The Chinese migrants interviewed along their way to the US tell stories of religious persecution, constant Chinese government surveillance, and imprisonment. They are describing a country that has become an open air prison.

A combination of draconian Covid lockdowns and China’s communist leader Xi Jinping’s increasingly repressive rule has pushed hundreds of thousands to flee China. They term it “runology”, or runxue in Chinese. Chinese Communist government has gotten two for one applying its zero Covid tolerance policy. On the one hand they have created a more obedient population, and on the other they created and strengthen bastions of Chinese presence abroad.

Another likely reason why China benefits from this migration to the US is the destabilization of the US. The flooding of the US with migrants, criminals, and intelligence agents has its precedents.

An example of a similar communist migrant flood effort was during the Mariel boatlift. In 1980, Cuba got rid of 125,000 people who were unwilling to live in the open prison that it created. As an added bonus – and a Trojan horse – the Cuban communist regime transferred 20 thousand hardened criminals to the US.

Since China implemented its one-child policy in 1979, the country has ended up with 35 million extra men. In 2020, there were a reported 111 boys born for every 100 girls. These Chinese men are both expandable and useful. While Cuba is a country of a mere 11 million people, communist China has 1.4 billion people. Instead of 125,000 Cubans, in a decade or so, the US could end up with 35 million Chinese.

The Chinese are organized and motivated. There are Chinese map apps guiding them from Ecuador to Colombia, then by boat around the Darien gap to Panama, then across Honduras to San Salvador and across Guatemala and Mexico to Tijuana, a city with a population of 15,000 Chinese. That is where the Chinese migrants usually cross into the US.

How does Honduras fit into all this? In all practically, Honduras has been bought by China. On March 25, 2023, Honduras severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and signed on to the One China policy. Just two weeks prior to the switch, Honduran president Xiomara Castro has tried to squeeze out of Taiwan $2.5 billion to build a hospital, a dam, and write off of Honduras’ other debts.

“The government has managed to create an image of China as a savior,” said Helui Castillo, who is in charge of commercial policy at the Honduran Private Enterprise Council (COHEP), the country’s main business and trade organization.

This has been going on with the tacit acceptance of Honduran governments of not only Xiomara Castro, but Juan Orlando Hernández. Castro has recognized China and part of the deal, logically, is to turn a blind eye on the hundreds of thousands of Chinese illegals crossing Honduras on their way to the US.

According to Honduras’ National Institute of Migration in 2023, 545,000 “irregular” migrants were allowed into Honduras, on their way to United States. President Xiomara Castro is a bird of a feather like Trump or Biden. Like her predecessors, she has packed her government with relatives and ideological cronies. Her son and her husband, Mel Zelaya — a former president ousted in a 2009 coup supported by some of her current political opponents — are her chief presidential advisers. Her nephew is defense minister. Her daughter, a member of Congress, has figured prominently in the nascent relationship with China.

In all practically, Honduras has been bought by China.

Central America has gotten little visible payoff for the diplomatic switches, with the exception of Panama, where China now operates ports on both ends of the Panama Canal. While Honduras is a minor participant along the way, Panama is a much bigger participant.

A bridge is being built across the river Chucunaque river at the Panamanian town of Yaviza, the site of a new bridge construction that will make it easier to make the journey. At the beginning of civilization in Panama there is Bajo Chiquito that in 2023 was receiving 800-1000 migrants every day. When the Darien Gap ceases to exist and connects Panama and Colombia via road, the trickle of migrants will very likely become a flood.

Absent from the Darien are any reporters from mainstream news organizations. It might seem odd that a photojournalist in search of a Pulitzer Prize would not make it down to the Darien to cover this story, unless a decision was made to blackball it by the publishers of news organizations. There are no US Congressmen making their way to the Darien to investigate either.

Also, fascinatingly, there is no presence of US agencies such as CIA, DEA, or the military whatsoever in Panama’s Darien. Only 20 years ago, Panama was considered the US’s back yard and an important outpost. What can only be concluded is that there is an enormous migration leading to a planned event and that migration involves collusion in international players, to the silence of controlled media.