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Brion James plays the guitar.

Islands Biggest Music Festival

It’s now a welcome, expected, and much-awaited event on many island resident’s calendar. On Saturday, March 9, the Sol y Mar opened its gates and beach to the annual Music Festival for the Angels, benefiting the Clínica Esperanza and Sol Foundation.

Before it was called Music Festival for the Angels, it was Christmas Concert for the Angels at Roatan Airport. Back in 2005, it was more of a classical music affair with drinks sold at the car rental booths and hors d’oeuvres served at the baggage claim area. In 2013, the venue was moved from the Roatan Airport to Lawson Rock, and in 2022 to Sol y Mar.

The musicians played their hearts out. The Roatan All Stars Band by John Karroll featured singer Brion James and Carleen Roth, among others. IMOX was led by Luis de la Rosa, Will Freidhof, and Deven Alvarado. Tyler Anthony, a Nebraskan brought country and Western sound to Sandy Bay. Midnight Flyer, an Eagles Tribute Band, closed off the night after 9 pm. “They only receive the love from the crowd and the knowledge that they have contributed to an event,” said Helen Murphy, director of the concert and long time island resident/business owner. The organizers sold around 1,200 entry tickets and 87 VIP tickets.

Festival attendees dance in front of the beachfront stage.

“This quality of bands would be easily $150 somewhere in Houston,” said Janie McVicker, a Parrot Tree homeowner who attended the concert.

The event grossed nearly $100,000 in revenue and over $65,000 in profit, said Murphy. That is split with 30% doing to the SOL Foundation and 70% going to Clínica Esperanza. “Our part goes into our general fund and is used to augment any expenses,” wrote Peggy Stranges, RN and founder of the clinic.

The Clínica Esperanza continues to grow at tremendous pace. It went from attending 8,000 patients in 2012 with a staff of eight, to 28,000 patient visits and staff of 25 in 2022, a tremendous growth of 350% in 11 years. The clinic is also a teaching facility for young doctors and nurses wishing to gain professional experience and language skills.

A new two story, 10,000 square foot clinic building is being constructed using grant funding, giving Clínica Esperanza a much needed expansion. “Daily, we are seeing between 100 to 150 patients. We’ve had to increase our staff, and they’re just isn’t room in the present building,” said Stranges.

Development on the new facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, and it will bring a much needed expansion of medical services to the area. Among the planned additions are a dental pharmacy and laboratory area that will include an imaging center with a flat plate, x-rays, ultrasound, and hopefully mammography,” said Stranges.

Clínica Esperanza continues to grow at tremendous pace.