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Off Island Perspective Spring 2024

Just Another False Flag

While the Israeli operation in Gaza keeps bearing more ugly fruit, few have analyzed the role Israeli intelligence services played in the October 7 Hamas operation.
Israeli services had foreknowledge of the Hamas attack from multiple sources. NYT reported on Israeli military having detailed plans of the Hamas attack more than one year before October 7, coincidentally an exact 50 year anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, a date that should have anticipated violence. Also Egyptian military provided Israeli government with repeated warning about the attack days prior. Haaretz reported on Shin Bet and IDF discussing a threat to Nova music festival and hours before the attack. Yet the public was told that IDF was caught by complete surprise on the 50 year anniversary of its Yom Kippur War, a time where all units should be on high alert.
While Israel prides itself with having a vast network of spies, informants and fool proof electrical surveillance, yet somehow Shinbet, Mossad, IDF, Israeli Air Force and Navy allowed 3,000 Hamas fighters to breach a secure, electronically monitored fence in 12 places and reach Israeli settlements causing uninterrupted chaos for seven hours: between 6:30am and 1:30pm.
We also don’t know why Israeli citizens in communities adjacent to Gaza called out to Israeli forces and family for help, but no help came for seven hours. When it finally did, it resulted in friendly fire deaths. Out of the 1,140 Israelis killed, a sizable percentage have been killed by IDF implementing Hannibal procedure, a policy where Israelis should be sacrificed, killed even as not to allow them to be taken as hostages and taken to Gaza.
There is a long tradition of Zionist and later Israeli false flag operations: King David Hotel bombing (1946), The Lavon affair (1954), the USS Liberty attack (1967), Dancing Mossad Agents (2001) to name a few. Increasingly October 7 looks like another false flag operation allowing Israel to perform a land grab action like it did in Golan Heights and is doing in West Bank.
Hamas, alongside the ISIS and Al-Qaida is yet another useful golem is the quiver of Israeli intelligence services. A proper investigation of October 7 would lead to some uncomfortable answers and rolling heads in Israel and that current regime there cannot have.

Road Blocking

On February 8, a group of José Santos Guardiola residents took to the streets and at 6am blocked the main road connecting the two island municipalities. One of the protesters was holding a sign: “Free NASA driving courses in JSG.” Indeed the main road is ridden with so many potholes it is not only dangerous to drive on it is also reminiscent of a lunar landscape. They were demanding that central government rebuild the damaged road from Oak Ridge to JSG western border. No cars or motorcycles were allowed through the protesters. It seems that the government heard the protester. According to Wendy Carter, one of the protest’s organizers, three companies bid for the rebuilding of the damaged JSG road. “I’m hoping that by the beginning of April they will start the work on the main road,” said Carter.

Honduran President in Jail

On March 8, US federal court found the Honduran ex-president (2014-22) Juan Orlando Hernández guilty of a conspiracy of a several decade long smuggling of cocaine to the US.
While US presidents enjoy freedom from prosecution for wars started for false pretenses, importing cocaine to airports in Mena, AR, taking bribes from foreign companies and assassinations, things work differently in Honduras. Not that JOH has not been warned of dangers of his lifestyle by fate of his predecessors: CIA assassin and later president Saddam Hussein, CIA drug runner and spy president Manuel Noriega for example. CIA, the Praetorian guard for the deep state, creates these bad actors, supports them and sacrifices them once their usefulness has run its course.

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