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What is Paya Magazine?

Our Mission:

Know Roatan’s past, understand its present and shape its future.

 Our Vision:

To create a stealthy, respected and knowledgeable Roatan publication featuring journalism with integrity, dept and vision.

What is Paya Magazine:

Paya is a bi-monthly English language magazine about the essence of what is Roatan: its people, history, nature and traditions. We feature good writing, inspiring photography, presented in an attractive layout and beautifully printed.

Paya Magazine aims to be a business card to the heart of Roatan, an iconic element for island residents and visitors. Paya Magazine will capture the forward-thinking vitality and diversity of today’s Roatan, explain its history and culture and paint a vision where the island is heading.

We will strive to be the principal information and opinion source for islanders and people interested in Roatan. We aim to create a dependable, knowledgeable, unique and meaningful magazine that many will love, all would respect, and some will see as an example.