Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom



August 3: Honduran Flag and race day
August 1-6: San Salvador’s Fiestas Agostinas
September: Wahhoo Open (Barefoot Cay)
September 1: Honduran Flag Day
September 10: Children’s Day
September 15: Honduras Independence Day
September 17: Teacher’s Day in Honduras
September 28: Honduras Independence Document Arrival Day
September: 20th Roatan International Fishing Tournament
October 2-6: Morazanic Week
October 12: Columbus Day
October 21: Honduran Armed Forces Day
October 22: United Nations Day
October 31: Halloween
November 1: All Saints Day
November 18: Ratification Of Alfonso XIII Decree
November 22: Jose Cecilio del Valle Birthday
November 28: Thanksgiving Day
November 29: Black Friday
November 30: Honduras’ School Year Ends
December 25: Christmas Day
December 31: New Years Eve
January 1: New Year’s Day
February 1: Hondura’s School Year Starts
March 17: St. Patricks Day
March: Seventh Anual Music Festival For The Angels
April 9: Holy Thursday
April 10: Good Friday
April 11: Holy Saturday
April 12: Sunday Of Resurrection
April 12: Arrival Of The Garifunas To Honduras
April 14: Day Of The Americas

Weekly Happenings