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History Writer: Jon Tompson

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Jon Tompson is a baby boomer from London where he studied at University of Westminster and worked at a ZOO. He has lived in Honduras’ Trujillo since the early 1990s and loves history.

Despite ongoing political intrigues, during the outbreak of World War 1, I saw Roatán and the rest of Honduras in

Throughout the colonial period, and up to the abolition of slavery in 1785, in Spanish held countries, Spain relied almost

Roatan and the other four Bay Islands enjoyed the status of being a full-fledged British Conoly from 1852 until 1859.

One of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the scientific world was the finding of the Crystal Skull of Doom.

The first contact that the Paya Indians had with Europeans occurred on July 30, 1502.

On the beach, roughly three quarters of the way from the west end of the island to Roatan airport, is