Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom
In an age of media boasting global warming and climate change, we islanders are now concentrating on recycling and analyzing the impact we have on the environment. At least Roatan has the Marine Park for conservation of sea life and marine ecosystems.

I thinks an educational video should be prepared and be mandatory viewing for all schools on island. It should be played on the ferry on the way in and out of the island and available at the airport as well. Cab drivers and people renewing their drivers license should have to view it before getting a license. The dive shops on island should make presentations at the schools as part of their social contribution. Let’s try to stop the plastic before it reaches the ocean and not concentrate on picking it up after its already polluted the waters.

Roatan’s “the Last Straw” is wonderful initiative aiming at reducing the use of plastic single use straws in island restaurants. Already many island establishments will give you a metal straw or a bamboo straw. While some business owners are fighting extra hard to eliminate plastic single use products such as bags and straws, other ignore this and serve Styrofoam-to-go containers at an alarming rate.

As far as conservation goes, we are at infant stage. We are just beginning to awaken to the need to stop plastic from ending up in our sea. If this rate keeps as is, in a couple decades, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

We are already getting sick as a byproduct of fish consuming plastic waste and Styrofoam. As an island that depends on tourism we should be doing more to conserve the natural resources that the tourist come to see. We demonize one, or two individuals who fill in the reef and yet sit by idly as the Port of Roatan cruise ship terminal is set to destroy an entire bay and do or say nothing. Unfortunately, its all government sanctioned.

At a town hall meeting meant to explain the details of the cruise ship terminal expansion in which a mockup of the proposed expansion was presented the town folk almost unanimously rejected the proposal. They cited multiple objections to the third development phase of the cruise port. The main one was the environmental impact on the area and the loss of income from the passengers not leaving the “attractions” at the port.

There will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

At this meeting several participants requested a list of the partners in the Port of Roatan. We would desperately like to know who is benefiting from the destruction of the reef and our natural resources. The impact of just that many more toilets flushing at the port will be a strain on the water supplies.

The sad news is that we will be pillaged and plundered and all the investment will just leave the island. I hope we haven’t moved back to the conquistador days. The Port managers aren’t even Honduran and the money from this latest insult will be taken not only off island, but out of country.

It’s curious how an environmental permit was approved and environmental license given from the Honduran government. I wonder who at a high level has a vested interest in this project. I am perplexed where we could turn to for help if we are being sold out by our own central government. Where are our island elected officials when we need the most?