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February & March Happenings

Farewell to Artist

On March 7 Studio Loren at Romeo’s restaurant in French Harbour became a site of last exposition of painting of Jennifer Irias. The painter has taught the local children and local disabled children art for the past year but has decided to leave the island. She will be moving to Cuenca, Ecuador. “The opportunity to teach kids in Roatan gave me a different perspective towards my work,” said Irias. “Being surrounded by kids made me more confident in taking risks with my own work, because kids don’t really care about what others think.” Alexa McNab, Adrinna McNab,Connie Silvestri, Richard Warren, Jen Irias, Giuliana Lardizabal, Charlotte Benson, Chris Benson.

Tugboating to Santa Helena

Roatan’s only tugboat-Conejo has have been instrumental in the process of laying the RECO cable form Port Royal to Santa Helena Island. The island crew during their preparation visit on March 6: Lyndon Kirkconnell, Shawn Hyde, Jed Hyde, Devant Hyde.

Latin Mass on Roatan

Roatan’s Catholic community had celebrated its first Traditional Latin Mass in island’s history.On February 5, 6 and 7 Father MichaelBonifaceof the San Pio X society celebrated three such Masses. While some Hondurans still remember celebrating the Latin Masses in 1980sthe rite has been gradually replaced by the Nuevos Ordo Mass of the1962-65 Vatican II pastoral council. While Traditional Latin Mass focuses on adoring God and reenactment of Jesus’sacrifice on the Cross, Novus Ordo is more focused on Mass participants and varies according to what a local bishop, or parish priest decides as far as prayers, communion on the hand, offering of wine and even dancing. Latin Mass has been celebrated since 1570 and the mass had been said in Latin since 250 AD. Pope Benedict XVI issued a decree permitting the Latin Mass anywhere it is desired in 2007. After the mass in Parrot Tree Plantation: Fernando Santos, Rosie Benedith, Fatima Santos, Katie Galindo, Jesy Sosa, Elmer Cruz, Lizette Cruz. Sitting: MyrtTugwell, Father MichaelBoniface FSSPX.

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