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June & July Happenings

Cinco at the Brewery

Cinco de Mayo, or another great Sunday at the Bay Islands Brewery near Palmetto Bay Plantation. The Parrot Tree contingent made it to the north side of the island to enjoy the tacos, beer and great atmosphere: Janie McVicker, Autie McVicker, David Jackson and Leslie.

Farah & Friends

Farah Nazar celebrated her birthday with two dozen island friends at the Buccaneers restaurant in French Harbour on April 12. There was cake form Tegucigalpa, friends from the island and music from Puerto Rico. Happy Birthday Farah was inspired by Lizzette KattanPozzi, owner of the Buccaneer. All smiles with the birthday girl: Antonio Moncada, Farah Nazar, Marco Diaz, Paola Diaz, Merry Ann Jackson, Jesús Reyes.

The Galaxy Team

On May 8, after seeing off Galaxy leave for La Ceiba the staff joins its owner and founder for a photo in Dixon Cove. Edgardo Gomez, LesnyMenjivar, Nora Lizardo, Fallon Espinoza, John McNab, Ana Sandoval, Santos Figueroa, Levis Leyva, Jesus Reyes, Jose Sevilla, John Francis, Carlos Solorzano, Kervin Cruz, Elvis McKenzie, Marlon Ramos.

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