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After a two week lock-down Roatan is free of Covid-19

What to know about the incubation period.
Roatan has dodged a bullet. The coronavirus incubation period takes between 2 and 14 days and Roatan has not seen any cases of Covid-19 since the island has isolated itself 14 days ago. Despite testing 22 people, none of the samples proved to have Covid-19. Roatan has not accepted visitors from US, Canada and Honduran mainland via air or sea since the last passenger disembarked a cruise ship on Roatan on March 14 and the last person to arrive on Roatan via ferry did so on March 16. On March 29 Roatan Municipality has issued indefinite ordinance allowed business and restaurants to reopen, but forbidding church worship. This draconian measure comes ahead of the Holly Week to begin on April 5.