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Priesthood, Mass, Eucharist, Mary against Satan

The divine liturgy of this votive Mass in honor of Mary Most Holy, under the title of Regina Crucis, proposes to us in the Epistle the vision of the Apocalypse of the woman and the dragon, which offers these solemn celebration great and important points of reflection.

The woman represents Mary Most Holy and therefore the Church, of which she is queen and mother, since she is mother of our Lord and God, head of the mystical body, and spiritual Mother of Christians, who are living members of that body. Under her virginal feet, the woman tramples on the moon, thus symbolizing contempt for transient and changing things as opposed to the immutable eternity of God. She is clothed with the Sun of Justice, that is, placed under the protection of Christ, and wears a crown of twelve stars, the twelve apostles who are the jewels of the Church.

Her cries for the pains of childbirth allude to the fact that the Holy Church – as well as Mary Most Holy – gives birth to the children of God into the life of grace, uniting their sorrows in compassion and harmony to the Passion and redemption of Christ, thus meriting for the virgin the title of Queen of the Cross. The Virgin Mary was with Christ when He called Himself, from the Cross, sovereign of the world; and at the foot of the Cross she clothed herself in the royal mantle of perfect sorrow, allowing herself to be pierced and crowned, holding the scepter of suffering with her divine Son.

The Church – of which Mary is the mother – also begets the dearest of their children: priests, ministers of the Sun and of blood, as St. Catherine of Siena called them. Their birth recalls the dragon, or Satan, because he wants to tear them to pieces in order to prevent them from mystically renewing the sacrifice of the Cross, through which the Lord has restored to the supernatural order what Adam’s sin merited to be lost. And ever since the expulsion of our first parents, the promise of the Protoevangelium (Gen 3:15) unfailingly refers to the vision of the Apocalypse, in which the battle between Christ and Satan is re-proposed, between the offspring of Christ, which is the Church, and the offspring of Satan, which is the antichurch or the Masonic globalist Sanhedrin.

Our religion is daily attacked by the devil and his servants.

Priesthood, Mass, Eucharist, Mary Most Holy: these foundations of our religion are daily attacked by the devil and his servants. The priesthood, because the sanctifying action of Her head continues in the Church; the Mass, which is the principal action of the priesthood; the Most Holy Eucharist, which makes Christ truly present under the sacred species who becomes spiritual nourishment towards the heavenly homeland; the Virgin Mary, living tabernacle of the Most High and model of that holy humility which overturns the pride of Lucifer.

How can we conquer the dragon? “Thanks to the blood of the Lamb and the word of their witness” (Rev 12:11): thanks to the Mass, which still pours out the most precious blood abundantly today for the salvation of souls; thanks to the priesthood, which makes Mass possible and spreads the word of witness by preaching; thanks to the Most Holy Eucharist, the body and blood of the Lamb. And thanks to the woman, the image of Mary Most Holy and of the Church, in whose interior our Lord was formed and from whose womb the children of God are spiritually born.

The words of the venerable Pontiff Pius XII respond on our behalf against the umpteenth disconcerting and scandalous utterance of Bergoglio: “Behind those who accuse the Church of being rigid there is only the perversion of the false prophet, who attacks the truth of Christ Himself.” And so may it be.

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