Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom

April & May Happenings

Five Angels

The fifth annual Concert for the Angels at Lawson Rock was the place to listen to great music, run into friends and donate to local charities: Clinica Esperanza & SOL International Foundation. Feeling like angels: Cara Lenz, Fiona Barnett, Helen Murphy, Wyonna Mckay and Lesly Yolany Maldonado.

Ladies In Paya

The February Roatan Ladies Luncheon took place on the east end of the island at the Paya Bay Resort. The get together takes place every Tuesday of the month and this one was organized by Michelle Router on February 6. “We socialized and chatted about ups & downs, struggles and enjoyment of life here on the Island,” wrote Majelle Thompson, reflecting on the meeting. After lunch: Patricia Bathgate, Martina Stanclova, Majelle Thompson, Rosmarie Dalton.

Firemen At Parrot Tree

Parrot Tree Plantation was the perfect place to hone rescue skills for the Roatan firefighters and their brethren from Grande Prairie Fire Department in Canada. As the hotel temporarily shut its doors, the unfinished, three story seaside condominium served just the purpose. After the training: Alexis Cruz, Mario Melendez, Emerson Diaz, Mairon Castro, Jonny Mejia, Daniel Castillo, Edil Lanza, Angel Collin, Elber Martinez, Celio Nuñez, Cesar Martinez, Jairo Flores, Brent Fulmek, Jose Paz, Rocky Dixon, Kevin Cooper, Jorge Velasquez, Phillip Tufford, Osly Nolasco.

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