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Off Island Perspective – August & September


The US has begun to implement a sort-off rent-a-passport system. “If you have seriously delinquent tax debt (…) The State Department generally will not issue a passport,” reads a statement on the website. At least 362,000 names have been selected for passport denial and revoking for having a government debt over $50,000. In communist countries in 1940-1990 and in Cuba today citizens have to ask permission to receive a travel passport and have to return it to authorities when they return. Perhaps, if your passport was taken away so easily, maybe it wasn’t yours to begin with.


Ibogane anti-addiction clinics are popping all over Mexico. Thousands of Americans dependant on Heroin, Cocaine and alcohol have freed themselves from their addiction after a 36 hour iboga root withdrawal session supervised by medical staff. There is no withdrawal symptoms with Ibogane and success rate is reportedly as high as 80%. Europeans came across the root bark of iboga tree being used in initiation ceremonies among some West African tribes in late XIX century. While CIA studied affects of ibogane in 1950, the Iboga plant is illegal, and alongside Heroin and Marijuana considered schedule I drug in USA.


Mesoamerican reef that Roatan is a part of is no longer considered the second largest barrier reef in the world, it is now tied for second place. Scientists have discovered a brand new, 1,000 kilometer long reef – the Amazon coral reef. It stretches from French Guiana to Brazil’s Maranhão State and covers 9,500 square kilometers. The discovery of the reef at the mouth of the Amazon corrects a wrongly assumed theory that great rivers create gaps in reef systems. The reef follows the edge of South American continental shelf and is estimated to contain 60 species of sponges and 73 species of fish.


Increasingly Swedes are choosing to have microchips inserted into their bodies. Apparently carrying cash, or even cards is inconvenient and a micro chip the size of a grain of rice can save you seconds to wirelessly unlock doors, access your computer or make credit payments from just four centimeters away. So far the 3,000 Swedes got “biohacked” and are not concerned about the risk of data theft, continuous live tracking of where they are and what they do.


China has built a world class shipping port in Pakistan’s Gwadar, the largest deep sea port in the world. Increasingly goods and supplies to and from western China are now shipped via Gwadar and placed on the paved road network avoiding the time end expense of travel to ports like Shanghai or Hong Kong. Gwadar port is part of the $50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China has paved 806 kilometers of Pakistan’s treacherous Karakorum highway connecting the it’s Tibetan plateau with the Arabian Sea. The two countries are also linked with 820 kilometer underground Fiber Optic Cable.


The UN world army has been at war in Mali since 2012 and the prospects of perpetual war are looking good. 17,000 foreign and 6,000 Mali forces and dozens have been holding the line against the 1,200–3,000 strong Islamic State of the Greater Sahara [ISGS]. Military servicemen from China, Slovenia, USA, Cambodia, Nepal, Ireland, France and a dozen of other willing countries have sent their soldiers to fight and fly fighter jet missions in continually unsuccessful mission to defeat the ISGS and there is no end in sight. In contrast, in Syria and Iraq, the 40,000 strong Islamic State has been all but defeated by the by conscripted Iraqi and Syrian forces. The Mali war has so far displaced 400,000 many of whom are already in Europe.

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