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United States

While US unemployment rate fell to 4.1% the country’s labor participation rate is at 62.7% and matching that of 1978. 95.4 Million Americans are no longer in labor force and living from savings, family aid, receiving government benefits or doing ad jobs. part time workers looking for full time jobs are considered employed. US defines its unemployed as someone who is “actively seeking work, and available to take a job.”


From being the safest country in Central America, Nicaragua has spiraled out of control in matter of weeks. The spark was Socialist government’s plan of raising retirement tax from 6.25% to 7%, but the fuel was the president-designate Daniel Ortega’s suppression of opposition to his third consecutive term as president. Ortega, thought by many to be suffering from Lupus, has pointed to his vice president cum wife Rosario Murillo as successor. Police through the country has fired live munitions into crowds killing over a hundred protesters in April and May. Sandinista government thug gangs have attacked protesters and many detained are tortured. The continuing protests are likely to end in a regime change, early elections or a government crackdown.


According to NY Times, American cities have a hard time catching up to the safety of many African and Middle Eastern cities. The first 45 cities listed as most dangerous are in North and South America and not a single one is in Africa or Middle East. The news outlet doesn’t consider Tripoli in Libya, Karachi in Pakistan, or Mogadishu in Somalia as dangerous, but puts two Honduran cities and four US cities in that top 45. Supposedly the most dangerous of them all is Caracas, Venezuela with 111 yearly homicides per 100,000.


With its cool climate and cheap energy rates produced from geothermic power plants, Iceland has become a bitcoin miner’s paradise. Bitcoin mining is the process by which crypto currency transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, AKA block chain. Miners are rewarded with generated bitcoins that appear at a rate of 12.5 every 10 minutes. 80% of bitcoin mining cost is electricity and the activity consumes more energy than country of Ireland. If and when price of bitcoin reaches $50,000 the global energy expected to be used in bitcoin mining is estimated to increase five times, surpassing that of Egypt. While US energy costs averages 21 cents per kilowatt hour and Iceland is 11 cents. With Roatan’s energy at 35 cents and temperatures in high 90 bitcoin mining on Roatan is a losing proposition.


Business of android is booming. After cleaning robots, fast food robots, parking security robots, vehicle driving robots, men are discovering sex robots. Animatronics talking heads with programmable personality and memory are convincing Japanese men that it is simpler to have a robot than a girlfriend. The android’s artificial intelligence allows it to respond to different scenarios initiated by the owner and it has programmable voice, humor and temperament. Japanese are purchasing these love dolls for $8,000-$20,000 each.


White Helmets, a pro-Syrian opposition rescue and propaganda organization, faked a Syrian government gas attack in Douma, Syria on April 7. The group placed and photographed undamaged munitions shells and bribed local kids to participate in filming footage later disguised as authentic. Within a week of this staging and with no thorough investigation Democrats and Republicans applauded president Trump decision to fire 105 tomahawk cruise missiles, costing $1.9 million apiece, on Syrian government forces as deterrent. Rand Corporation (the company constructing the tomahawk missile) stock got a bump while damage to Syrian government was limited.

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