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Quinn Pinnace before the Sunday game.

Pandy Town is a Gold Mine of Talented Athletes

The Bay Islands is rich in with talented young men and women that excel in sports. Quinn Pinnace of Pandy Town, Oak Ridge, stands out among the best of the best. Like most island children, Quinn grew up playing soccer with family and friends. In his particular case, his love of the game was nurtured on the street of Pandy Town and at a field not too far from his home. At the age of 12 he started playing with Arsenal, an island team that his father Alexander Pinnace, a great player in his time, helped propel to 2nd division in the late 90’s.

At 15 years of age, Quinn was spotted by a recruiter and taken to San Pedro Sula as a third division reserve player. He remained with Real España for two years before moving back to Pandy Town where he received the best advice from then coach, Orlando Lopez. “If you learn to manage your temper, it will make you a better player, if you play angry, anyone can beat you,” said Pinnace. Quinn says that his father has also warned him about his temper and about the importance of “air”. “My father said that ‘if you don’t have air, a child could beat you in soccer’”, so he tries to stay healthy to keep up with his game. There is no doubt that for Quinn, as for most young men in Pandy Town, around the island, and all over Honduras, sports, especially soccer, are a big deal. Participating in sports also helps these young men better control their tempers. Pinnace also plays basketball, a game at which he is very proficient, but confesses that soccer is his first love when it comes to sports.

Besides being born in a town where most everyone plays soccer, Quinn was also born to a family of accomplished soccer players. His father Alexander Pinnace, was once one of the best players in Santos Guardiola, and was also recruited to play with España at one point in his career. He also happens to be the grandson of one of the best goalies who ever played in Pandy Town back in the 70s and 80s. As fate and genes would have it, and despite the limited resources and opportunities available to island players, it was almost impossible for Quinn to not become a great player himself. Currently the center-forward player for the Oak Ridge Strikers, Quinn has also played with the Warriors, a Pandy Town team that was sold and now plays out of Juticalpa, and with the under seventeen national team when it was required.

“When you talk about high level players, you have many including Quinn Pinnace”, says Luis Alvarado, one of Quinn’s first coaches. “Pandy Town is a mine of talented players that you will not find in any other part of Honduras, but they have the tendency to ignore the rules.”

Quinn understands that following one’s dream and being up there with the best takes preparation, commitment, and sacrifice. “Love, dedication, and passion for the game makes a good player” says the young man from Pandy Town who still has hopes of making his dreams of playing in a major league a reality.