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The 1991 Gulf War has been the most chemical war in history. Approximately 250,000 US veterans suffer from the multiple debilitating symptoms, from chronic fatigue to terminal tumors. 25,000 have died prematurely and US government doesn’t know why. A likely culprit is the 290 tons of depleted US uranium munitions used in M1 tanks and A-10 aircraft that have contaminated air, water and soil across much of southern Iraq. From normal rates before the war Iraq now has rate of deformities in babies is 14 times higher than after Hiroshima nuclear bombing. The cocktail of fast acting “anthrax” vaccines not tested by FDA forcibly injected into American troops didn’t help. Saddam Hussain was given anthrax by US to counter Iran advantage in 1980s war against Iran..


After US government has spent two years spinning a conspiracy theory that Russia was behind leaking Hillary Clinton emails that Russia has came with a conspiracy theory of its own. Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, said that Russia is looking into flying a lunar probe to “verify whether they’ve been there [on the moon] or not.”57% of Russians believe NASA faked not only the six manned moon landings and take offs, but astronauts driving 37 kilometers on the moon surface in a lunar lover, escaping the Van Allen radiation belt, avoiding lunar meteor showers. To celebrate the feet Americans are accused of giving out fake “moon rocks” afterwards. All that took place within seven years after President Kennedy’s announced that Americans will go to the moon.


IsraAID, an Israeli organization funded by Israel’s Department of Foreign Affairs, American Jewish Committee and the B’nai B’rith International is making sure as many African and Middle East migrants make it to Europe as it is possible. Since 2016 IsraAID has been in Greece, Serbia, Croatia to help monitor and basically herd the refugees onto UNHCR coaches and camps and then onto European countries. Some Turkey based AID organizations have covered the $1,500 boat crossing fee the Turkish smugglers collect from migrants. Since 2009 54% refugees in Austria and 53% in Holland are approved for asylum while Israel approved 0.48%. In April Israel made, then suspended, a deal with UN for the 16,000 of its 40,000 stateless refugees to be resettled to Europe and Canada.


The Rohinga Hindus have been massacred by Rihinga… Muslims. While Burma has become a casus belli for the UN, Amnesty International has confirmed the killing by Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) of over a hundred Hindus near the town of Maungdaw and Kha Maung Seik. Many Hindu Rohingas that find themselves in refugee camps of 480,000 people in Bangladesh have been forced to convert to Islam. Rohinga are peoples who migrated from Bangladesh to Burma in XIX and XX centuries during the British rule.


For the past 17 years the American government insisted it was Al-Qaeda that conducted the 9/11 attacks and now it insists that Al-Qaeda should be protect in its Syrian controlled territory of Idlib. “Idlib provice is the largest al-Qaeda safe-have since 9/11, tied to directly to Ayman al Zawahiri,” said Brett McGurk, Special Presidential Envoy. Yet President Trump had urged Syria to refrain from “recklessly” attacking Idlib and reestablish control over its territory. Al-Qaeda has been terrorizing people of Idlib since 2011 and US government insists it’s important that it continue to do so. “Why is this happening? How are they getting there? They are not paratroopers,” said McGurk.

New Zealand

Passengers arriving in New Zealand are already digitally strip searched: they are required to forfeit the password to smart phones and laptops so that the officials check in on their suspicious conversations and files: personal photos, medical records, emails, text messages. Those visitors who refuse face prosecution, device confiscation and fines of $3,000. For now the officials cannot access the files kept on passengers cloud storage. The searches in 2017 were still voluntary, and the New Zealand customs officials conducted 537 such searches.

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