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August & September Happenings

Best Margarita

On June 9 Lionfish Louie’s at Havana beach was the place where best Margaritas ware made, bar none. The competitive spirit brought the best both from bartenders and drinkers. Spicy, mango with elaborate straw decor was the winning margarita. The best cocktail builders: Samuel Bennett, Angela Rivera Rocharno, Daniel Sifontes, Allan Wagner, Erik Madrid, Tata Moya, Carolina Phaneuf.

Wedding Bells

One of the biggest wedding of the year took place in Plan Grande. 180 people attended the wedding of Harry Dixon and Hannah Harper Dixon on May 8. The couple were high school sweethearts and Harry proposed to Hannah on his 24th birthday in January. Smiles all around: John Harper, Leah Harper, Lorena Cruz, Harry Dixon, Hannah Harper Dixon, Eva Harper, Kimberly Harper, Mary Ann Harper.

Czech Consul

On April 14, under the shadow of Mount Picaccio, Roatan’s highest hill a Czech honorary council was sworn in. “I already contacted Czech Airlines,” said consul Jiri Cerny about the possible future direct flight between Roatan and Prague. “It will be a challenge.” After Americans and Canadians, the Czechs are now the third most populous foreign community residing on Roatan. In 2006 Cerny came to Roatan to develop Czech Village in Jonesville point that today has grown to 50 Czech homes. “We have extended the Czech Village by another 80 plots in Terra Chula and another 20 plots in Czech Village Marina,” added Cerny. Cutting the ribbon: Bay Islands Governor Dino Silvestri, Ramon Custodio, Roatan honorary consul Jiri Cerny, Czech ambassador to Mexico Zdenek Kubanek, Czech consul to Mexico Tereza Nedorostkova, Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lukas Kaucky.

Expending the Clinica Dr. Ramos

The clinic launched by Dr. Ramos in 2015 is expanding as soon will be the fourth largest private mini hospital on the island. According to Dr. Ramos 20%-30% patients of the clinic are foreigners, but the services are affordable enough for Los Fuertes. The clinic is open seven days a week, but also has an ambulance service and on-call 24 hour number (3325-2911). The doctors do home visits, do telemedicine and specialist in field of gynecology, orthopedics, surgery, internalist, pediatric are on call. The lab doing blood tests, urinary and fecal matter analysis is expanding and there is an X-ray machine. At theclinic: Lic. Nancy Salgado, Técnico Dania Cabrera, Dr. Marlon Rápalo, Lic. Thelma Ramos, Dr. Noé Ramos, Dr. Yuri Chacón, Bachiller-Josué David Rodriguez, Dr. Gerson Matute, Lic. Josue Ramos.

Workshop Alfa

Alfa Omega Workshop has been in business fixing Nissans, Fords and Toyotas for the last 17 years. The shop moved from Los Fuertes to across from ACE in 2015 and is going strong. After work: Ryan Maldonado, Luis Alberto Espinoza, Carlos Roberto Castro, ElinVelasquez, Luis Alonso.

Roatan Recyclers

They work six, some of them seven days a week recycling the garbage of Roatan Municipality. There are children amongst them and for some this is the only job they have known. Roberto Funez, 21, had worked at Roatan garbage dump since he was 12. Theirwork is hard requiring sacrifice and offering few rewards. “I am here if it shines or if it rains,” says Julio Nunez, 39, who has worked on the dump for six years. On June 21 at the Roatan ‘basurero’: Kelip Miralda, Otilio Escobar, Kenny Martinez, Claritza Devacouurt, Betsy Floriano, Pedro Ayanco, Dani Platino, Jose Rudensny. Back row: Esnayard Gebral, Ervacio Floriano.

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