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Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador.
I have become obsessed with Nayib Bukele, the new President of El Salvador. I follow all of Bukele’s tweets and even have alerts set for them. He’s the first millennial president of Latin America.

Bukele is a37-year-old man who doesn’t like neck ties, tweets his presidential orders and is cleaning up his country. Crime is way down as he has implemented a no communications policy for prisons and forced the cell companies to block signal to the penitentiaries.He is now talking about self-sustaining prisons where the inmates would produce their own food.

These could be exciting times for our neighbor. He’s reinforcing the country’s military and police in an effort to eradicate gangs. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect of him given his family background and previous party.

This whole thing makes me very happy for El Salvadorians as compared where I live. I would love to see these measures implemented in Honduras. Bukele’s new Motto is “El dinero alcanza cuando nadie roba,” roughly translated: Money reaches when nobody steals. That is a motto we could use here in Honduras.

He has also fired all government employees who were related to the previous president and he vows to end nepotism wich is endemic in El Salvador.

The transparency with which he is governing is impressive; it’s all on tweets that can be followed by his fellow countrymen and to those observers around the globe. He is charismatic and I’m looking forward to seeing how far he will go.

Decentralize government, make it smaller and more efficient.

It’s difficult not to make comparisons with our country. Our system is also broken and corrupt and we need a new leader, and perhaps a millennial. It could be said that San Pedro Sula is the industrial capital of Honduras, but the islands live from fishing and tourism and Tegucigalpa just produces politicians.

We absolutely need to decentralize government, make it smaller and more efficient. I remember under a previous Honduran president each municipality was independent and most government offices were also decentralized. Nowadays you can’t go to the bathroom without permission from bureaucrats.

The new cabinet members in the Salvadoran government spend their time in the field. These officials are out in the towns that need help and work with the people there no matter whether they voted for President Bukele or not.

The government is not there to offend them, to give them a handout, but to empower them. It is there to build needed infrastructure, repair schools and supply Hospitals with medications. If they can do it; so can we.

Campaigning will soon start in our beautiful country, I really hope we can find a candidate worthy of this country, who will love and respect its people. I hope that candidate will battle corruption and impunity to their final breath.

 I’m tired of watching my fellow Hondurans risk their lives in migrant caravans fleeing the crime and corruption in our country. Let’s make our country a better place to live.