Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom
Patty McCulla plays her guitar at Big Rock Amphitheater.

Patty McCulla Sings to the Island’s Content

Patty McCulla is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. She entertains and connects humorously and openly with her audience. As a multi-talented singer and outgoing person who is originally from Illinois, she came to the island Roatan in 2007.

Both of her parents were musicians: her father played the upright bass in a jazz quartet and her mother played the piano. It is therefore not surprising that because of her background and experience since the ‘80s, McCulla, 59, developed her own distinctive personal style. She combines folk, blues, rock, jazz, R&B, and country into an eclectic show.

Recently Patty came back very excited from a short trip to Oregon, where she spent three years back in 2000 as a soloist with a great band. She covered a ‘ladies’ blues tunes’ from 1939 by Idaa Cox in the historic Veterans Memorial Building in Eugene. “It ended too soon for me to get all the verses in, but man we caught a cool groove!” She misses singing the blues and hopes and prays to find a way to make it happen more again. Patty has been a blues-rock singer for 25 years.

In the ‘80’s she played professionally as a soloist and with a blues/rock/Motown/variety band in Tucson and throughout southern Arizona. She has good memories of Chicago where she lived for ten years in the ‘90s. There she was honored to do her solo act in front of some well-known bands in the diverse musical city.

When Patty moved to Roatan she considered not continuing as a musician anymore. Eventually however she realized her music was still “the gift she came to give.” She got very inspired by the locals, the wonderful residents and visitors of the island, so quitting was not an option. Patty wrote two songs about her island Roatan, ‘On Roatan’ and ‘It’s Another Beautiful Day on Roatan.’ She speaks likes she is almost singing, and gets inspired on the spot, that’s the way she starts to write her lyrics.

On Roatan
I can be who I am
On Roatan I can be me
On the isle of Roatan finest people in a jungle wonderland,
Nobody judges you
They just love you, on Roatan.

Chorus from “On Roatan” song lyrics

Patty McCulla with Luis de la Rosa play at Vintage Pearl in West Bay.

Patty is always ready for a new adventure and Big Rock Amphitheater in Pensacola is her newest one. Together with her husband Vernon Albert they have almost finished it’s construction, in a beautiful spot in Flowers Bay. “My idea is that this Amphitheater will be a ‘music and arts center that will feature musicians from all over the world,” says Patty in her warm, velvet voice. “We hope to bring talent over from the mainland of Honduras as well, having island parties on the weekends and special concerts and jams on other nights.” The structure sits right on the beach, in its ‘rocky’ environmental little bay; you will experience a beautiful view of the ocean. In this way, she continues to ‘follow her bliss.’

Most recently and together with the talented Guatemalan artist Luis de la Rosa, Patty recorded two songs about Greta Thunberg, the Swedish child environmentalist figure. Patty wrote lyrics for two songs: ‘To Greta with Love’ and ‘How Dare you?!’ Luis de la Rosa added his soul fire, and original music to the song.

Meet this energetic, humble, inspiring artist Patty McCulla’s with American roots rock, bluesy stuff, Motown, island-style, classic rock and originals this Thursday 19th at Pensacola (5:30 PM – 9 PM) for an epic holiday party featuring ‘The Guitar Club’.