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Off Island Perspective – December 2019 & January 2020

The Emperor’s Goddess

Japanese Emperor Naruhito has performed ancient, secretive ritual in which he feasts and sleeps with a “sun-goddess” Amaterasu. The ritual known as Daijosai is undertaken once in an emperor’s reign and gives a better chance at good harvest and peace. The emperor, in order to acquire “divinity” is said to have sex with the “sun goddess” on a ceremonial bed placed in a two-room hut. This ritual was a part of an enthronement ceremony of the Japanese monarch on the Chrysanthemum Throne. Ameterasu is one of many deities worshiped in the animistic and polytheistic Japan’s Shinto religion. The cost of these emperor’s assurances in 2019 came out to $25 million and the ritual is considered the most important in the life of the emperor.

Pointy Knives

In 2018 London’s murder rate overtook that of New York City and now Church of England is demanding the government take charge and ban pointy knives. London’s crime has soared, and the weapons of choice in murders and assaults are not guns but knives, acid and fists. British laws now blanket target “anything that could constitute a weapon,” by no means have lowered the criminal activity in Britain. Religious organizations and government are stepping hand in hand to curb dangers stemming from culinary and gardening freedoms. A letter signed by church leaders, lawmakers, psychiatrists, academics asks to make “the sale of pointed domestic kitchen knives as a thing of the past.”

Drugs via Drone

Illegal drug traffickers have been delivering drugs across the US Mexican border since 2014 and US military have been using drones to monitor illegal drug trafficking from Mexico since 2018. Finally, since this November, legal drug users in the US have drones at their disposal. United Parcel Service has delivered first CVS pharmacy packages to customer’s homes using drones. The prescription drugs come in a shoesize boxes and were lowered from 20 feet. FAA has approved the UPS fleet of drones and a similar enterprise is worked on by FedEx in partnership with the Walgreens Pharmacy Chain using Wing drones owned by Google.

Deaths in US per day:

There are now 330 million American living in the 50 States and the population is increasing, mainly due to immigration. 2.6 Million Americans die every year, 7,123 on atypical day. Statistics vary greatly, but on average, the Americans that die every day from different causes show some staggering trends in 2019: Abortion: 2,408. Heart disease: 1,773. Cancer: 1,641. Medical error: 685. Accidents: 401. Stroke: 401. Alzheimer’s: 332. Diabetes: 228. Flu: 150. Suicide: 128. Opioids: 115. Drunk driving: 28.

The Protester’s Autumn

After the staged Arab Spring of 2011, we have the orchestrated Revolutionary Autumn.
The well-orchestrated coups that toppled entrenched dictators gave way to civil war, death and migration. The Tunisian, Libyan, Yemeni, Egyptian coups ousted dictators to make room for chaos and another dictator. The recent 2019 wave of violence has targeted societies living in some sort of semi-pseudo-democracies: Bolivia, Hong Kong, Sudan, Haiti, Malawi, Lebanon, France, Chile and many more. The protesters have hit the streets to protest inequality, injustice, taxes, violence, intolerance, or sometime protesting the situation they couldn’t really understand, but don’t like. The protests and coups toppled heads of state in Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia.

Debtors Prison

USA has turned from being the land of the free, to be the land of the debtor. Student debt, personal debt, child support debt controls the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans. While debtors’ prisons were abolished under a federal law in 1833, since a 1970 court ruling the debtor’s prison has made a remarkable comeback in 19 American States. Colorado imprisons debtors for failure to pay criminal justice debt, several states imprison debtors “allowing” them to work of the fines they owe to the court and all 19 states imprisons people for failure to pay the child support debt. Also, many city courts judges imprison people who have not paid their court fees or even traffic violations.

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