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The Soulful Sound of Caron Pinnace

Caron Pinnace on a Roatan Beach.
Talented and soulful singer Caron Pinnace of Pandy Town has been performing poignant renditions of songs by some of the most iconic singers of all time, including Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley, and Tracy Chapman.

Accompanied by her band mates, guitarists Timothy Blanton and Alex Poitier, known collectively as Caron and the two old sexy guys, the 43 year old has been mesmerizing fans with eclectic music that ranges from reggae to blues, and every genre of music in between. “I do a little bit of everything,” says the groovy singer. “I love all kinds of music, and if you come to my house, you might hear a little Otis Redding, some Bob Marley, and even Rancheras”

Caron Pinnace got her first paid gig at the age of eight, singing for one of her uncles and some friends who needed to practice their guitar skills for their church services. “They used to pay me one lempira for my singing, but the real benefit, which I did not realize at the time, was that I got to practice and train my voice”, she recalls.

“I was the girl who sang at wakes and in church programs.”

At the age of ten, while she was fixated on Disney channel and its musical characters, Caron was asked to sing at a Christmas program in Pandy Town’s Methodist church.

While fighting against her nerves and the fear of singing in public, she made her way to the altar. There, her rendition of “Away in a Manger” left the churchgoers in awe, and that was the first time she realized that she could sing.

Before hitting Roatan’s music scene, she sang at different events in her community. “I would sing at wakes, birthday parties, and at church”, she says. “I was the girl who sang at wakes and in church programs”.

Caron’s first musical venture away from her familiar surroundings started six years ago. “My then partner, Paul Cleckner and his Bandidos group members would sometimes practice at our home,” she says. “During one of those practice sessions, I got to sing ‘Summertime’ and was asked to join them at BJ’s Backyard. Fighting against my nerves, I agreed under the condition that I got to sing Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry,’ which is like my musical Anthem and my go-to song when I feel like my show is getting boring,” she smiles. “That’s how I got started.”

The “born and raised Island Girl” a phrase Caron Pinnace uses to introduce herself before each show, sang at the “Music Festival for The Angels” as part of the “April Fool’s” group in 2017, and was invited back the following year.

At the 2018 “Music Festival for the Angels,” she met Blues vocalist Jack de Keyzer. “It was nerve-wracking for me to get on stage. I mean the guest singer was a legend,” she remembers. “They sent me on just before this award-winning artist, and as I made my way to the stage he said, ‘break a leg,’ and after my rendition of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Give me a Reason to Stay Here,’ he approached me again and said, ‘man I told you to break a leg, but you broke a whole body, ” she recalls with a giggle.

Following the festival, she had a show at Beacher’s; in West End. Jack de Keyzer dropped-in hoping to perform a duet with the Island Girl who had impressed him at the festival. “When I got to Beacher’s, the crowd was larger than usual, and I thought something was happening,” she says. “Then I realized they were there because of Jack DeKeyzer. We did a duet ‘Stormy Monday’ and it was amazing!”

That collaboration with Jack De Keyzer catapulted her singing opportunities to another level; most of the venues around the island wanted her to sing at their location.

Caron Pinnace has entertained at Bananarama, Infinity Bay, Beacher’s, Tranquil Seas, and BJ’s. She currently entertains at Marble Hills Farm, Conch Fritters, and Coco View. “I feel good about what my music is doing for me right now. I dreamed about being this far and would love to go further, but what I am living right now is a dream,” She says emphatically “I’m doing the thing I love to do and am in love with someone who loves me back.”

Don’t miss it every Wednesday’s at Conch Fritters “Caron and the Two Old Sexy Dudes.” Noon to 2!