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February and March 2020 Happenings

Suyapa’s Visit:

On January 7, the statue of Virgin Suyapa, the most revered religious object in Honduras, landed for the first time on Roatan. The Catholic community gathered at the airport tarmac to welcome and escort the Virgin Suyapa to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Coxen Hole. Escorting the Virgin: Alejandra Zelaya, Father Nortberto Marroquin, Hilaria Martinez, Adriana Pinto, Father Alex Lopez & Father Carlo Magno (Rector of Minor Basilica of Suyapa)

Rocking in Flowers Bay:

The Flower’s Bay Big Rock Amphitheater is slowly becoming the place for local musicians and small get together. The venue was developed by Vernon Albert, an American expat and businessman, to serve local and mainland musicians and artists. There is now a bar and restaurant on site and the owners see the Big Rock Amphitheater hosting art exhibits, school programs, fashion shows, weddings, movie nights and parties.
Alfonso Cuzzovaglia, Isabelle Perrault, Luis de la Rosa, Hector Antunez ‘El Barbero’, Lisandro Cabrera, Andrea Magnani, Larry Markowicz, Martin Hedener and Antonio Busiello.

Three Lane Roatan:

Roatan’s newest road infrastructure project is the paving 7.62 km road from the airport to Los Fuertes with a bicycle path and two pedestrian walkways that has begun on December 5. The stretch of the road between BIP in Dixon Cove and Col. Santa Maria will consist of 3 vehicle lanes. While the Municipal of Roatan is preparing the road for paving the actual 108 million Lps paving contract was won by El Progresso’ Cordon’s Heavy Equipment (CHE) employing around 65 people, including 10 locals. CHE has been in business since 1995 and has built several national Honduran landing runways and roads. The company is using a 15-cm-thick concrete mixture specifically designed for constructing roads. The cement used in the project is purchased at Argos in Comayagua, stone aggregates come from Diamond Rock Aggregates and sand is brought from La Ceiba via Island Shipping. Cordon’s Heavy Equipment builders: Edwin Duanas (loader), Ing. David Dominguez (Chief of the Project), Melvyn Vargas (Factory head), Pablo Borjas (Quality Control), Yenin Aleman, Jonathan Donaire.

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