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Roatan Residents Push-Back at Government’s Useless ‘Safety’ Measures

The Roatan Municipality’s spray tunnel at the border with Santos Guardiola.

90 Days into LOKIN-20 the Island faces first 50 Cases of COVID-19

On June 3, Honduras’s National Risk Management System [Sistema Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos – SINAGER] introduced beginning of “intelligent opening.” Despite the name, the reopening of the economy and allowing some constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in Honduran departments has been nothing but intelligent.

By June 16 President Juan Orlando Hernández has joined the ranks of politicians like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and is now officially infected with COVID-19. Fortunately, the 50-year old Honduran president has a great chance at recovery. The little publicized fact is that the with COVID-19 deaths happen mostly to the elderly and those with compromised immune system. In Canada 81% of all with COVID deaths happened to old-people care facilities. In France 89% with COVID-19 deaths were amongst people 64 and older.

Still neither Honduras nor Roatan has done nothing to protect the most vulnerable to the virus: the elderly and the poor. For 90 days now SINAGER has forced vast majority Bay Islanders to stop working, stay home and wash their hands every chance they get. On June 4, wanting to look like they are doing something, the local Municipal governments went further and installed “disinfection tunnels” around the island.

 “Stuck at the border. They won’t let me into Roatan without going through the tunnel,” wrote about Roatan Municipal Police Mitch Cummins, a Roatan based American resident attempting to return from Jose Santos Guardiola on June 4.

Roatan Municipality has announced that the tunnel’s liquid is made up of mixture of water with Peroxol and that “until now there are now reports that its use has caused damage to the skin or health to the persons.” While most native Roatanians have submitted to the useless and dangerous procedure, at least one Roatan resident has had enough and pushed back.

“I am asking to have the issue of these ineffective and dangerous spray tunnels put on the agenda at the next meeting of the Roatan Corporation,” wrote Amy Eader Beasley, a US resident living on Roatan. “Contact your embassy if you are not a Honduran citizen.” Her letter with hundreds of signatures including medical staff was presented to the Roatan Municipality that then made the tunnels “optional.”

A month after the first case of COVID-19 was detected on Roatan on May 16 there are now 50 cases of COVID-19, and because of the five-day-delay in shipping and analyzing the test samples, likely that number is much higher.

Meantime the costs of Roatan’s LOKIN-20 are mounting: thousands postponing preventive medical care, crime skyrocketing, depression, impoverishment and to come bankruptcies. Other than the now daily armed robberies, June 17 brought two brutal homicides to Roatan.

The manufactured collapse of American society and destruction of small business economy has entered phase two, Honduras is at least two weeks behind. The coordinated anarchist protests sparked by a Minnesota police killing of an African American criminal suspect on May 25 have erupted within days in places as disconnected with Minnesota as Colombo -Sri Lanka, Accra-Ghana and Osaka -Japan. The controlled media’s COVID-19 fear mongering has given way to coverage of violent protest, looting, and destruction of public statues.

At least artificiality of the LOKIN-20 operation and its deep state actors are being exposed by some brave vocal voices of authority. “The riots in these days were provoked by those who, seeing that the virus is inevitably fading and that the social alarm of the pandemic is waning, necessarily have had to provoke civil disturbances, because they would be followed by repression,” wrote Catholic Archbishop Viganò in a letter to in a letter to president Trump. Trump tweeted: “So honored by Archbishop Viganò’s incredible letter to me. I hope everyone, religious or not, read it!” As crime in US and on the island steadily rises the exhausted, confused public is faced with giving in to any solution the government will offer.

After declaring the perpetual war on drugs in 1982, the unwinnable war on Terror in 2001, in 2020 we entered the never-ending war on viruses. With roadblocks, paid snitches, controlled news, online censorship, spray tunnels, the never-ending war on virus the shadow of oppressive albeit inefficient police state has unofficially arrived.

More info about Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter: