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Press release #38

After 105 Days of Lockdown Honduran Government’s SINAGER ‘Creates’ Roatan’s First COVID-19 Death

According to Honduras’s National Risk Management System [Sistema Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos – SINAGER] the number of COVID-19 cases on Roatan has risen to 127. But, if anyone died of COVID-19 on Roatan depends on who you ask.

On June 30 Honduran Secretary of Health report stated that Gisell Leal, a 19-year-old Roatan woman died from COVID-19.  The truth is far from what the Honduran government and the mainland media reported about Roatan.

Pedro Duarte, Leal’s father, said that his daughter had contracted an acute infection of Helicobacter Pylori bacteria and was brought to the Roatan hospital to seek help. According to Duarte the Roatan hospital staff refused to treat Leal unless she submitted to a COVID-19 test.

If anyone died of COVID-19 on Roatan depends on who you ask.

“The results were negative,” said Duarte. “She died of a heart attack because the sugar has shot-up and her pressure went down at the same time. (….) What SINAGER says is purely false.”

Keeping track of who is sick and who dies of what on Roatan where many people know each other is relatively simple. The numbers of mainland Honduras “deaths-by-COVID” reported by SINAGER, now at 542, are much harder to challenge.

While the controlled media in US and Europe has shifted focus to demonstrations and lootings, Honduras is a few steps behind in this agenda. “There are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms. (…) A disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control,” wrote Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in his May 7 appeal.

Since the island has been locked down on March 16 Honduran government’s SINAGER has cast Roatan into a spiral of fear, economic misery, and soaring crime.The Honduran government has done nothing to protect the most vulnerable of dying from COVID-19: the old and those with compromised immune system.