Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom

July 2018

On May 26, PIER board members met to look at the non-profits long term goals and golf tournament funding results. After the Lawson Rock meeting: Front row: Bill Figgess, Trish Nixon, Milesse Kennedy. Back row: Ted O'Brien, Vivian Figgess, Yvonne Heilijgers, Patrick Connell, BoudHeilijgers, Luis

By the 1680s the tiny island of Saint.Vincent, located1800 miles from Honduras had become a sanctuary for maroons. These escaped slaves were accepted by the island’s Carib Indians who mixed and intermarried with them.

It’s not often that a country’s president visits a small village, but in October 2017 President Juan Orland Hernandez drove up and down the four kilometer dirt track crossing Roatan from south to north to one of the most overlooked communities on the island –