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June & July Happenings

Beyond Pirate’s Cup

On May 26, PIER board members met to look at the non-profits long term goals and golf tournament funding results. After the Lawson Rock meeting: Front row: Bill Figgess, Trish Nixon, Milesse Kennedy. Back row: Ted O’Brien, Vivian Figgess, Yvonne Heilijgers, Patrick Connell, Boud Heilijgers, Luis Colon, Cesar González, Cam O’Brien. (photo by Trish Nixon)

Good to be 70

A delicious grouper was the culinary highlight celebrating the 70 birthday of Mrs. Ardis Bush. Keena Haylock Esquire prepared a birthday bash for her mother at her Parrot Tree residence. Friends, family and neighbors enjoyed the culinary delights by chef Dino Silvestri and competed over a well stuffed piñata. Blessing prayer: Eldon Hyde, Zobeida Cardona, Ardis Bush, Marta Haylock, Francine Taylor, Carlota Brown, Keena Haylock, Heidy Mejia, Sidney Haylock.

Yellow Truck for Santos Guardiola

On May 10, a fire truck donated by the Grand Prairie fire department in Canada and transported with assistance of Rotary Clubs of Grand Prairie and Roatan. The 1987 model Ford fire truck was revamped and comes fully equipped and ready to work, just in time and badly needed in Santos Guardiola Municiplaity. At Hybur Shipping: Maxi Benett, Joseph Jones, Karla Leiva, Sherryl Diaz, Clifford Mejia, Sterling Lucas, Terrall Alas, Carson Dilberth, Hank Stanley, Charles Parchment, Larry McLaughin, Russ Summerell, Mike Wittry, Anne Mikkelsen, Darian Miller, Bill Figgess.Bottom Row: Julie, Mandy Wagner, Bertha Montoya-Summerell, Viviani Figgess.

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