Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom

The Overlooked Beauty of South-Mid Shore of Roatan

The stretch of Roatan between French Cay and Jonesville Point is a joy to pass on a boat, kayak or paddle board. It’s also a delight to dive there or bird watch.

There are vertical rock formations, chimney like cliffs and abundant forests stretching from the island’s top ridge to the shore.

The long established and loved resorts like Fantasy Island, Coco View and Media Luna are there. The last undeveloped bight, never stain Bight, is here as well. A few have tried; none have succeeded in developing this gorgeous bight surrounded by forests.

There are kilometers of iron shore, mangroves and half a dozen little beaches. The south side of Roatan does have beaches and they are like little jewels scattered on the lush green of the island’s tapestry.

The eastern current keeps the water clean, Sea life more abundant and visibility is better here than many other places around the island. Snails cling on to the jagged Iron shore rock, the flying fish jumping front of passing boats. There are visiting whale sharks in early spring, and regular patrols by tarpon and sunfish.

In the distance local fishermen in wooden dories drop their lines looking for snapper and barracuda. Snowy egrets rest over pools waiting at an opportunity to snatch passing fish. As the day ends, the sun sets over the hills of Roatan. Its mid island blues.

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