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Workers move the giant, fiberglass flipper of the turtle on top of a four-story building.

World’s Biggest Turtle Sculpture is Moved on top of a Four-Story West End Building

Roatan is now home to the world’s biggest turtle sculpture. The Carey Turtle is 96’-6”long and 46 feet wide and weighs 18,000 pounds and after a precarious project of building it, cutting it has been lifted on top of a four-story West End commercial building.

The metal-fiberglass turtle was first build on the ground then dismantled into 16 pieces and, on the back of a lorry, moved to a parking lot in the back of a house in Sandy Bay.The last five pieces: the flippers and the tail were placed on last. The turtle was bigger than the building itself and the extremities are to hang out far onto.

Victor Carbajal and his wife Julie Woods undertook the turtle dram project five years ago. With an assistance of a San Pedro based sculptor Fredin Gomez from the turtle went from an idea to a land-based metal and fiberglass sculpture, to a sculpture sitting on top of four-story building.

The man for the job was found by Mr. Victor on the side of the road in San Pedro Sula where he would made life size sculptures of horses and other animals.Sculptor Fredin Gomez has transformed the Carey Turtle into metal and fiberglass structure 30 times bugger then the live ones.

“For me he
is scientist.
A small man
with a big head”

The moving of the turtle pieces was a challenge. On July 4, 2019 a gusty, rare wind from south east has been blowing during the crane operation. Concerned neighbors were watching the gigantic pieces of turtle anatomy being lifted over their home onto the roof of a fourth story commercial building. “They couldn’t secure a permit from the government to get a helicopter here,” said.

The turtle moving crew would run at the unfinished stairs of the building, onto the rump to land the turtle part onto the roof. Victor personally tied knots around the turtle parts. As the wind would turn the traveling turtle limbs, he skillfully and safely managed to elevate it to the roof.

“For me he is scientist. A small man with a big head,” said about the moving of the turtle Alvaro Flores, a taxi driver from Sandy Bay. “The president will come here for the opening,” expressed his hope Flores.

Since late 2019 The symbol of environmental apocalypse the giant Carey turtle looks north with a somber gaze. “We wanted to bring in focus environmental use on the island,” said Julie Woods. With only support of its giant head and some painting the turtle is almost finished. The construction started in 2014 and the turtle should be completed in early 2020.