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Off Island Perspective – February & March 2020

The Last Paddlefish

It took 150 million years to extinguish the last of the Chinese paddlefish, a species that swan in schools along the river being an easy catch for net fishermen. Until the 1960s, the biggest and oldest freshwater fish on the planet was common on China’s Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Pollution, damming and over fishing brought the fish to the point of extinction. The paddlefish spent most of its life in the brackish water river estuaries and in the spring it migrated up river and tributaries to spawn. The giant fish was known for its speed, size, and prehistoric appearance. It reached seven meters in length and weighed up to 500 kilograms. Only two paddlefish have been seen alive since 2000 and now the International Union for Conservation of Nature suggests the species is extinct.

Self-Driving Cars

“Democratic process” has hit a bizarre landmark. We can soon be able to decide by majority vote who gets spared and who gets killed in case of a deadly traffic accident. To come out with this “vehicle morality code” Google Inc. has created a “moral machine” and compiled answers from 40 million individuals in 233 counties. The researchers found that morality is divided into three clusters: western, eastern and southern. “Southerners” were more likely to sacrifice elderly and children, while “Westerners” prioritized girls in strollers, but were ready to sacrifice homeless old men if a vehicle had to make an impact. The self-driving cars have and will increasingly be controlled by ethical code for the convenience of driver less driving.

First Human Recycling

World’s first human composting facility is planned for Seattle in 2020. The bodies would be laid out in “individual vessel to become clean, usable compost.” “We offer a new form of death care that honors both our loved ones and the planet earth,” said Katrina Spade, founder and CEO of Recompose. After a Kick starter campaign that raised $90,000 Recompose sees itself a revolutionary in the death-care business and combines g at a cubic yard of soil per person and friends and family members are encouraged to take some for the gardens and trees. At $5,500 a body the cost of “compostation” isn’t maybe revolutionary, but certainly competitive. Cremation costs vary from $1,000 to $7000 and a classic burial will set you back $8,000.

Global Dimming

The effect of global dimming has been noticed since 1950s. Now, depending on where you are on the planet, there is between 4% and 20% less sunlight getting to earth’s surface. It is generally believed that global dimming has a cooling effect lowering the average temperature on earth’s surface. The theories of global warming and global dimming causing cancellation in word’s temperature change is neither mutually exclusive nor contradictory. Global dimming using “stratospheric aerosol injection” is part of weather modification strategies. One prior such example of US military using weather modification was Operation Popeye (1967-72) that prolonged the Monsoon season in South East Asia during the Vietnam War.

Churches Attacked

Gatestone Institute reports of western media ignoring or excusing a growing number and scale of attacks on Christian places of worship in Europe. Most of these attacks have been unreported. Gatestone Institute reported around 30 “suspicious fires” in 2019 alone that damaged or completely destroyed sometimes ancient Christian Churches in Europe. In February 2019 nine churches were attacked in two weeks and in April, for the first time in 700 years, France’s Notre Dame Cathedral almost completely burned down. Over the past 50 years much of Western Europe has become atheist and Islamized and now harbors a deep-seated hostility toward Christianity. According to Gatestone Institute acts of vandalism in European churches, theft and desecration are most often done by radical feminists, radical secularists, Islamist and Satanists.

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