Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom

February 2022

Mr. Samuel Eliza Barnett Laurence was born in his grandmother house in Diamond Rock on October 7, 1932. His parents were Petrona Solarzano Laurence, a housekeeper, and Robert Barnett. “He used to blow the clarinet,” remembers his father Mr. Samuel.

With its bow almost touching Roatan’s shore in Dixon Cove, M Alexand, has a story that begins in newly formed Israel and involves an assassination attempt at president of Honduras in 1980s. With a capacity of 4,064 tons M Alexand is the largest shipwreck

Water brings life and water brings beauty into our life. On an island surrounded by coral reefs, fresh water is an underappreciated common resource. It is a resource that belongs to all islanders, but it is often perceived as it belongs to no one.