Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom

Honduras’ Opportunities in a Covid World Order

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst”.  

 ―J. Edgar Hoover. FBI Director 1924-1972 
As many countries around the world succumb deeper and deeper into totalitarianism and apartheid of the un-jabbed the question is to what degree Honduras and Roatan will follow suit. While many countries’ populations have been co-opted into building their own oppressive surveillance state, Honduras like many other undeveloped countries, does not have the infrastructure, or organizational capabilities to construct an infrastructure for such a technocratic tyranny.

Honduras’ nine million inhabitants are mostly poor, most don’t have bank accounts, can’t afford smart phones, and don’t even have internet access. The country still functions as an all cash economy and many citizens are self reliant on food. Hondurans haven’t yet learned to be helpless and over reliant on the state to solve their problems.

In other words, Honduras does not belong to the first tier of counties being coerced to enter the technocratic New World Order with its digital passes, social credit score system, digital currencies, mRNA injections and New World religion.

While for decades Honduras was trying to catch up to the US and other developed countries, now that lag might be exactly what will make life here easier and more free than in lock-downed Canada, or as in the USA, arresting nine-year-olds for not having a vax certificate, or report-on-your neighbor for social credit points as in China.
Bay Islands, while much more connected to the world than other parts of Honduras, are still just a department of Honduras. That is what has made the archipelago attractive to a growing trickle of “refugees” from the USA, fleeing surveillance, mandates, passes and restrictions. In other words, seeking freedoms they lost, or they feel they are losing at home.

I recently met an Arizona businessman who purchased several beach front acres here sight unseen discovering about Roatan’s existence, in an internet search in July 2021. “These masks don’t make sense,” said this baby-boomer “refugee.” People like him have already purchased dozens of properties around Roatan and their numbers will just keep growing.

We have been subjected to a two-year-old COVID PSYOP involving propagation of fear, isolation, demoralization, and confusion resulting in increasingly fragmented, frightened, addicted and easily manipulated societies. While most developed countries have been attacked hard, other countries follow their own path.

For example, countries that have been submitted to the “Twitter revolutions” in 2011 like Syria, Yemen and Sudan have mRNA injections rates below 5%. These are countries in a civil war, where fear of a virus is basically irrelevant as people focus on basic day-to-day survival.

Honduras in some ways has played it safe. Several presidents of countries who attempted to defy the imposed narrative of lockdowns and mass mNRA injection campaigns have met a dire end. In June 2020 Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza, 55, mysteriously died. In March 2021 Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli, 61, mysteriously died. In July 2021 Haitian president Jovenel Moise, 53, was assassinated in his home.

Despite their leaders being eliminated the populations of these countries continued to defy the war on COVID narrative. Burundi is probably the least mNRA jabbed state on earth with only 3,500 people injected and remaining 12 million doing just fine.
Tanzania, a much bigger African nation of 61 million, has less than 1.5% of its populations fully jabbed.

In the Americas it’s a bit of a different story. Haiti has managed to keep more than 99% of their people mNRA jab free. Guatemalans have the lowest mRNA injection rates (28%) in Central America with second lowest being Honduras with 44% of their population injected with mRNA therapies.

No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.

―David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary Initiative Project

In order to transition to the New World Order, the current order has to be destroyed. That requires a phase of obliteration and chaos we are currently experiencing. The last such global order restructuring took place during World War II.

The WWII bedlam started with Germany invading Poland in 1939 and ended with the creation of Israel and communist China in 1948-49.
That mayhem lasted for 10 long years and this time around should be no different. While there were many places to wait WWII out peacefully, this time around there will much fewer places of relative refuge.
Perhaps Honduras and its little Bay Islands department will be one of these places, a sort of Humphrey Bogart’s Casablanca of relative calm.

We are yet to witness the severity of the attempt to corral Hondurans into the NWO. While Juan Orlando Hernández, the outgoing Honduran president, is a great friend and follower of globalist Benjamin Netanyahu, we are yet to see how president elect Xiomara Castro will navigate her own agenda under pressures from above.

Unlike what we are repeatedly told, we are not living in a time of a reset as we will not be going back to ‘Mario Brothers’ video game after the restart. When the dust settles, we will be getting a brand new video game. Most places around the world will be likely getting ‘Omikron’ a video game from 1990s where “people are ruled blindly by an ancient supercomputer and a communist dictator with an iron fist who carries out the computer’s orders.”