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Corals reefs are dying. The MesoAmerican barrier reef surrounding Roatan is experiencing unprecedented fatal stress from increasing water temperature, acidity and nutrients like sewage, pesticides, and fertilizers.

She sits on her rocking chair looking at the Oak Ridge valley her family owned for almost 200 year, her gray hair blowing in the wind as she looks east towards the oak trees moving in the breeze.

The history of boat building on Roatan is as long as the history of the island’s inhabitants. Paya Indians used to make large cayucos, dug out canoes up to 30 feet in length. These boats were used for turtling, fishing, and transport of goods &

I grew up in a place where apartments were pretty much assigned by the socialist government. The 11 storey 200 meter long rectangle of a building where I grew up in Warsaw, Poland brought together the strangest of neighbors.

Workers at the Port of Roatan cruise ship dock got the fright of their lives when at 9 am on April 12, the 244 meter long, 59,000 ton MSC Armonia crashed into the dock at 6.7 knots.

She has a calm, composed look in her eyes. She has seen a lot. She has suffered and she has been through things that most of us only read about in books. Lucia Avila-Garcia was born in Rio Esteban in 1936.

It all started as a 2003 pipe dream. IriMaska, a Czech artist-cum-brewer-cum-businessman had a vision: bringing Czech people to Roatan… in droves. Back then Roatan was a complete unknown in the Czech republic.

It’s not often that a country’s president visits a small village, but in October 2017 President Juan Orland Hernandez drove up and down the four kilometer dirt track crossing Roatan from south to north to one of the most overlooked communities on the island –

Living in partnership with nature means knowing your plants, understanding their properties, and respecting their place around us. While common knowledge of plant healing properties has disappeared, a few older islanders and a couple young ones continue the tradition of scholarship and healing with island