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You could say the first official tourist in Honduras was Christopher Columbus who arrived here in 1502 on his fourth voyage to the Americas. Columbus was more of a business tourist: his visit didn’t last long and he visited only Guanaja and Punta Castilla.

A four-wheeled library is coming to a school near you. All thanks to an effort by PIER – Partners in Education Roatan, a small organization started by a Camilla and Ted O’Brien, a pair of retired Americans.

Five Angels The fifth annual Concert for the Angels at Lawson Rock was the place to listen to great music, run into friends and donate to local charities: Clinica Esperanza & SOL International Foundation. Feeling like angels: Cara Lenz, Fiona Barnett, Helen Murphy, Wyonna Mckay and

At first glance, you would think that Eddie Pinnace, 68, is a regular islander strolling leisurely on the unpaved road in Oak Ridge Bight, the community where he lives and works. He is 5’-8” tall and wears thick framed glasses. A cap covers his gray

Palapas have been in the Bay islands for as long people have lived here. The word palapa comes from a Mayan term for a "pulpous leaf” and Western Mexico and Honduras are the two biggest centers of palapa construction. The thatched roofs on Roatan are

There is a visionary in all of us. Deep down we all have fantastic dreams about traveling the deserts and building gigantic statues of animals. We all want to be known, to leave something behind. While not everyplace is conducive to dreaming big, Roatan is.

From its obscure beginnings as a dime-and-a-dozen wreck, Tulum has become the most photographed wreck in the Eastern Caribbean. Likely a million of cruise shippers visiting Roatan have taken a picture of it and hundreds of thousands of visitors arriving at the Galaxy Wave Ferry

At 72, Melvin ‘Palanca’ Bodden is a bundle of energy. With a spring in his step, barefoot and smiling, he walks around his yard, moving his carvings and chatting with students from a nearby school.

Olivia Munteanu was once homeless in Italy and a man offered her a job. She remembers this as a life changing experience and now Olivia gives back to the abandoned and neglected creatures of the island. “I wanted to change the world and I changed

Before Roatan Hospital opened its doors, every baby on the island was born with the aide of a midwife, usually at home. In French Harbour there was Elle Hydes, in Oak Ridge there was Truby Puchie. Coxen Hole had Bernadina Palmer, Grace Pryce, Estella Dilbert