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No one could confront the 30-or-so party goers that listened to music, drank alcohol and played with their families and girlfriends at an afternoon pool party at Parrot Tree on May 2.

Roatan experienced it’s most deadly airplane crash in history when on May 18 a Piper Cherokee Six with pilot and four passengers on board crashed right after takeoff.

While many people look to the Honduran central government or some international aid organizations to solve Roatan’s problems it is Roatanians themselves and their local government that should be in charge of the islands destiny.

While natives are not supposed to speak ill of their home town, I find myself in a geographical limbo. I’m a Bonnacian and a practicing Roatan attorney that finds some perturbing elements about living and working here in the legal profession. I’ve been living on

Names are constantly changing and our perception of reality changes with them. One way of tuning in to the changes around us it to look at old maps… really old maps. Maps can give us an understanding of time, history and politics.

From its obscure beginnings as a dime-and-a-dozen wreck, Tulum has become the most photographed wreck in the Eastern Caribbean. Likely a million of cruise shippers visiting Roatan have taken a picture of it and hundreds of thousands of visitors arriving at the Galaxy Wave Ferry

At 72, Melvin ‘Palanca’ Bodden is a bundle of energy. With a spring in his step, barefoot and smiling, he walks around his yard, moving his carvings and chatting with students from a nearby school.