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SOL steps in where parents can’t or won’t, it’s like a neighborhood hangout place form 1950s America. Sandy Bay, the neighborhood where SOL is based, is a community under enormous stress with many single parents and young mothers trying desperately to keep their families afloat.

One positive thing about living on Roatan is that the island community solves its own problems. Community members identify the problems, find a strategy to handle them and locate resources to fund them.

A four-wheeled library is coming to a school near you. All thanks to an effort by PIER – Partners in Education Roatan, a small organization started by a Camilla and Ted O’Brien, a pair of retired Americans.

Olivia Munteanu was once homeless in Italy and a man offered her a job. She remembers this as a life changing experience and now Olivia gives back to the abandoned and neglected creatures of the island. “I wanted to change the world and I changed