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Mrs. Noemi Posadas certificate of Death.

All Three Roatan Families of ‘COVID-19 Dead’ Dispute the Government’s Death Classification

After 150 days of island lockdown the biggest toll has been not the COVID deaths, but higher crime, domestic violence, uneducated children, bankrupt businesses and looming bank foreclosures. While there are now reported 260 COVID-19 positive cases, there are likely thousands of Roatanians that had or have COVID, and are doing just fine.

On Roatan with around 100,000 people there are around three deaths a day. These are deaths are due to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, accidents and homicides. After five months of forced lockdown the government insists that there is something tangible to the COVID virus than obligatory Clorox spray tunnels and masks: three dead people. The problem is that these reported COVID deaths had little to do with COVID and plenty to do with old age and severe medical conditions.

On June 30 the first reported COVID-19 death on Roatan was Gisell Leal, 19. According to Pedro Duarte, Leal’s father, Leal had contracted an acute infection of Helicobacter Pylori bacteria and was brought to the Roatan hospital seeking help. Duarte said that the Roatan hospital staff refused to treat Leal unless she submitted to a COVID-19 test which proved negative.  “She died of a heart attack because the sugar has shot-up and her pressure went down at the same time. (….) What SINAGER says is purely false,” said Duarte.

The second reported COVID-19 death on Roatan was octogenarian Catarino Santos, 88, of Juticalpa. “He has not left his house for the last four years,” said Maritza Bustillo, a family member. “He had a stroke and was sick for three years; (…) he died at home.”

The third reported COVID-19 victim according to Honduran authorities was Noemi Posadas, 58, from Oak Ridge. Noemi Posadas was tested with a rapid COVID-19 test and both times she tested negative. According to her daughter Gina Diaz, Noemi Posadas has had four years of ongoing pneumonia that got worse every time it rained. Noemi’s pneumonia got so bad that she needed oxygen and the only place where she could get it was the Roatan Public Hospital.

These reported COVID deaths had little to do with COVID and plenty to do with old age and severe medical conditions.

Despite having plenty of space in the “not with COVID-19 positive patients’ section,” the Roatan Hospital placed Noemi Posadas on oxygen in a room with four people that had tested positive for COVID-19. “They didn’t give her regular meals and diabetic have to have regular meals,” said about her mom Gina. After 48 her mother was dead.

Gina Diaz showed a 19 July 2020 death record issued by National Peoples Registry stating that her mother died of “severe pneumonia” and her underlying conditions were type two diabetes and out of control arterial hypertension. “They should put people with pneumonia and asthma in other parts of the hospital, not with people with COVID,” said Gina Diaz.

Placing a gravely ill patient that tested negative for COVID-19 next to COVID-19 positive patients is dangerous, even malicious, but the Diaz family has no recourse at pursuing action against the hospital. “They all say ‘it wasn’t my shift’ that days,” says Gina about the Roatan’s hospital staff behavior.

Roatan Hospital conducted post mortem PCR COVID-19 test on Noemi Posadas that came out positive. “The families are in the state of denial,” says Dr. Stacy Grant, director of the Roatan Hospital, about the three deaths attributed to COVID-19.

A large percentage of Roatan’s COVID tests that produce false positives and false negative cause fear and anxiety in the test-taker. Dr. Grant said that her own test came back positive before they came negative. “It all depends on a brand,” says about the accuracy of the COVID tests Dr. Grant, but declined to reveal what is the percentage of these false tests.

A person involved in COVID rapid tests fearing reaction from hospital officials reported of significant number of Roatan hospital employees taking rapid tests and using its potentially false positive results as an excuse to not go to work for two weeks.

The fact is that the spread of the virus amongst the island population is inevitable until heard immunity is reached. There is an alternative to lockdown where only people most vulnerable to COVID-19 are protected and isolated. According to mathematicians from University of Nottingham and University of Stockholm in their article in Science magazine the herd immunity for COVID-19 could be at around 43%. When a population reaches herd immunity, the virus has no way of spreading and the epidemic ends.

In mid March implemented lockdown aimed not to stop the virus from spreading, but from keeping Roatan’s scarce medical resources from being overwhelmed. Obviously, people are not falling dead from COVID-19, but Honduran politicians are using the excuse of the COVID pandemic to steal funds, liquidate business competitors and expand their political and economic power. Authorities need to justify locking down economy for five months by fudging death counts and focusing on “cases.” It is much easier to lie to someone than convince someone they have been lied to.

A growing number of Roatanians are now more aware that there is an alternative the lockdown policy that is destroying the lives and economy of Americans and people on Roatan. A group of frontline COVID-19 doctors conducted a conference on the steps of US Capitol and calling on President Trump to end the lockdown now. Twitter and youtube have removed this after it reached 15 million views and the 600 doctors that signed the petition.