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With world’s population at around 400 million the Black Plague of 1340s took the lives of 70–200 million people.

The Paradoxical Consistency of Vain Actions

Even thou “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” we have been asleep for a long, long time. We have deferred authority to guard our freedoms to compromised and malevolent agents that have done their biddings.

While most of us have already decided what COVID-19 is and how we trust the narrative that media and governments have given us. Still a few basic questions linger unanswered for almost a year. Our life and destiny on Roatan is directly connected to events happening in US and Europe. With Christmas “cancelled” in greater part of the western world we can at least take a time to reflect on how we got here.

Where is “patient zero” and why is no one asking about him?
The notoriously lying Chinese authorities originally reported that the first Coronavirus case took place on 31 December, 2019 near animal market in Wuhan. At a later one point Wuhan Institute of Virology scientist Huang Yanling was speculated to be patient zero, before she disappeared amidst silence from authorities and media. In every modern epidemic: from Spanish flu to AIDS authorities have found their patient zero, but in case of COVID-19 no one seems to bother looking.

Why did CIA, NSA, etc not tell us how the virus originated so we could sleep better at night? 
It can be a bit frustrating not knowing if the COVID-19 originated in a bat soup, was an accidental release from a Wuhan Institute of Virology, or was spread on purpose. Without knowing the circumstances of the COVID-19 origins we can’t really make any coherent strategies how to prevent appearance of subsequent COVIDS. The two dozen “US security agencies,” that didn’t keep us safe in the first place nor seem to care to keep us free from anxiety.

Why no one did or insisted on cost benefit analysis of “saving lives” versus shutting down business, schools and churches? 
Any sizable business or organization that wants to survive will do a profit-loss analysis before shutting down their operation at a large scale. That is just pure logic. Yet with the exception of Sweden, Belarus, Taiwan and South Dakota vast majority of governments have not done so. Spikes in untreated cancers and heart disease, suicides and drug overdose have outnumbered the deaths from COVID-19. These deaths of misery and neglect occur often not in the “over 60 COVID vulnerable” but amongst the most productive segment of the population: people in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Why after more than a year can’t the US get a congressional commission to tell us the cause of appearance of COVID-19 and its spread? 
A week after JFK was assassinated Warren Commission was created to prove to the American public that a lone gunman killed the US president. Ten weeks after 9/11 a commission was established that assured the Americans that the al-Qaida hijackers were responsible of flying a commercial airplane into the Pentagon’s accounting office. Now over a year after the COVID-19 outbreak there is no will for establishing a commission to determine who is to blame.

If so many pharmaceutical companies can develop a “great vaccine” in 10 month, why were the same companies taking 10-15 years to develop other vaccines in the first place? 
Developing good, reliable safe vaccines is not easy and takes time. That time is measured in years and sometimes decades and the procedures of creating helpful and profitable vaccines have been worked for over a century. When a dozen pharmaceutical companies in countries from China, Russia and USA develop a COVID-19 in 10 months instead of 10 years mistakes will inevitably be made and will have long lasting consequences.

Whom do I sue when I suffer serious negative consequences of a vaccine? 
After their indemnity deals with many governments the pharmaceutical companies have no interest in providing a safe COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine manufacturers will not suffer a financial risk when their vaccines will do harm. And yes, practically all vaccines have a percentage of patients with serious side effects.

If there are multiple strains of Coivid-19, do we have to shelter in place another 10 months to have new vaccines developed? 
Flue and COVID viruses mutate – that is their nature. Therefore vaccines for one strain of a virus are useless or at least not very useful for other ones.

Who decided that value of “life at all cost” outweighs “right to live free?” 
In World War II we were told to sacrifice, and die so our families and foreign lands could be free. Seventy millions people died in World War II fighting for freedom. It’s perplexing that only 80 years later we are told we need to sacrifice or basic freedoms – freedom of expression, worship, travel “not to even risk getting exposed” to COVID-19.

Why governments wouldn’t allow or even promote for its citizens to have ample access to spiritual nourishment and churches? 
For millennia churches have adapted to functioning in times of plagues much more deadly than COVID-19: Black Plague, typhus S and Spanish flu. In times of crisis many people become closer to God and rediscover their faith. As a consequence they become stronger, better people. This is not being allowed to happen during the COVID-19 restrictions. “We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health,” wrote archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.