Roatan’s Beauty, Truth & Wisdom
Roatan will be a different place in by 2030 that is for certain. How will it look no one knows, but I believe it will be place better off than most places we think are great places to live: urban centers in USA, Canada and Western Europe.

The restrictions and attack on civil liberties and “silent wars” will create massive movements of populations. Some of the “refugees” from these situations will seek sanctuary of normality and relative freedoms that Roatan will offer. Some of them will live on Roatan while working remotely in their countries of origin.

US healthcare and elderly care will reach crisis proportions in USA and Europe. Here again there are opportunities for Roatan. Schooling on the island will also be revolutionized with not only new Universities, but with home schooling groups.

Ease of access to Roatan will increase and some businesses will take advantage of that by establishing inter island travel and communications infrastructure. As energy prices will continue to climb around the world, Roatan’s energy cost will no longer feel so out-of-scale.

As population will grow by 5-6% yearly, and so will opportunities for entrepreneurs. Roatan today is still be small enough to elude most global corporation’s ambitions and hopefully will remain so in 2030. Here is a sketch of what I think the island will be like in eight transformative years. It will be a bumpy ride so hold on tight.