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Abo. Viganò Praises Dodgers Prayer Rally

Praised Be Jesus Christ. I greet all of you, priests, religious and laity, who are participating today in the solemn Eucharistic procession in reparation for the recent outrages directed against God and our holy Religion. During a time of very serious crisis in the Church and of a furious attack on the Commandments of God and the Natural Law.

This secularization was made possible by two sins of the intellect — heresy and pride — combined with two no less serious sins of the will — fornication and the sin against nature. This deviation has made inroads among many priests and bishops, blinding their minds with presumption and dulling their will with impurity.

You will be like gods. Gender theory, the corruption of children and young people with hateful LGBTQ indoctrination, the perversion of spousal love, surrogate motherhood, abortion, euthanasia, gender transition, genital mutilation, and genetic manipulation are all grotesque attempts to take the place of God in the very act of creation, to erase from man and from nature itself the divine imprint of the Creator, to kill man’s soul with sin and vice, that soul which the Most Holy Trinity can make pure and holy through Grace, in order to be able to dwell there and fill it with blessings.

It is this livid and deaf envy, this eternal hatred on the part of the eternally Defeated One, which leads the devil to try to snatch from God as many souls as he can, deluding himself that he can nullify Christ’s Passion and Death. For this reason, the Evil One is unleashed principally against the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, which is destined, just like her Divine Head, to suffer and undergo trial. But this is a mad delirium that is destined to fail, because Our Lord has overcome the world, and nothing can change or mitigate this victory. The punishment of these horrors is already contained in their very nature, which is sterile, incapable of generating or transmitting life, and which vice versa can give only despair, pain, illness, and death.

Christ may give meaning and purpose to your life.

The great deception of Satan, dear brothers, consists in making souls believe that they can do without God, that they can build a world in which “human fraternity” replaces Christian Charity, in which love for neighbor is instead based on love for God and on God’s love for us. But this utopian world, this paradise in which men should be brothers without recognizing themselves in Christ, children of the one Eternal Father, is in reality hell on earth, the dystopia that Satan wants to establish to prepare the kingdom of the Antichrist. A hell in which mothers kill their children in their wombs or sell them to couples who cannot have them. A hell that castrates and horrendously mutilates children in the illusion of making them look like what they can never become, while decreeing death for millions of creatures in the womb. A hell that kills the elderly, the sick, and the poor because their life does not deserve to be lived, and at the same time tolerates or even encourages the horrors of pedophilia, organ predation, the trafficking of minors, and the exploitation of the poor and migrants.

Take refuge in that Divine Heart, so that Christ may give meaning and purpose to your life, and Satan may not corrupt you and drag you with him into the eternal despair of hell. Neither the satisfaction of every pleasure, nor the arrogant ostentation of obscenities, nor the parody of family and conjugal love can ever give peace to your heart. You can never be gods, because that illusion comes precisely from the one who knows well what are the consequences of his rebellion, his Non Serviam.

We must let ourselves be overwhelmed by this Love, so that every fiber of our body, every thought, every beat of our heart can be moved by the Love of God, by the determination to do His will, by the irrepressible desire to spread this Love, this Divine Charity, as much as possible. When priests, religious, bishops, cardinals and, God willing, even the one who should preside in charity, will allow themselves to be conquered by the Love of God and carry out their ministry animated by this spiritual fire, the Lord’s response will not be long in coming, and will surpass all our hopes.

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