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Despite the Roatan COVID-19 economy shut down a large, perhaps the biggest project the island has ever seen was announced. Próspera, a company with $17.5 million capital and 58-acre site on the north shore aims to change Roatan’s future.

It was the night of August 18, 1899 and a northwestern wind had been blowing on Roatan for over three days. On the north shore of Roatan a 100 foot metal boat Snyg battled the seas seeking shelter from her journey from Florida to La

It’s not often that a country’s president visits a small village, but in October 2017 President Juan Orland Hernandez drove up and down the four kilometer dirt track crossing Roatan from south to north to one of the most overlooked communities on the island –

Palapas have been in the Bay islands for as long people have lived here. The word palapa comes from a Mayan term for a "pulpous leaf” and Western Mexico and Honduras are the two biggest centers of palapa construction. The thatched roofs on Roatan are