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For over half a century Honduras was the biggest exporter of bananas to the United States, shipping over 12 million stems per year. The peak production decades for Roatan and The Bay Islands were the 1920s and 1930s, but it all started in 1876.

She sits on her rocking chair looking at the Oak Ridge valley her family owned for almost 200 year, her gray hair blowing in the wind as she looks east towards the oak trees moving in the breeze.

Palapas have been in the Bay islands for as long people have lived here. The word palapa comes from a Mayan term for a "pulpous leaf” and Western Mexico and Honduras are the two biggest centers of palapa construction. The thatched roofs on Roatan are

At 72, Melvin ‘Palanca’ Bodden is a bundle of energy. With a spring in his step, barefoot and smiling, he walks around his yard, moving his carvings and chatting with students from a nearby school.